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You CAN create a consistent, Sustainable income from your Coaching Business, You just need the right strategy & Support.


The BreakThrough 2K Bootcamp!

Unlock the pathway from surviving through feast and famine to thriving with impact and income, a step-by-step blueprint and all the support you need to achieve and exceed your first $2K month

…on repeat.

Date TBC - Provisionally Scheduled For April 2024

Are You A New or Part-Time Coach Who Is...

Nodded to at least one of the above?

Well now is your chance to stop feeling like

Overworked and frustrated with limited income and impact

And start feeling like

Excited and thriving with the increased impact and income you are creating

This BreakThrough Bootcamp is a once in a lifetime opportunity where you will


Work with an International Business Mentor and Certified & ICF Accredited Coach for 21 days...


This is the solution you've been waiting for!

The 21 Day Breakthrough 2K Bootcamp is precisely what you've been searching for!

This 21 day transformational journey is EXACTLY what you need to catapult your coaching business into consistent $2K+ months.


Get this EXCLUSIVE Resource!

Just for join the Breakthrough 2K Bootcamp waitlist! The THRIVE on Purpose Workbook, is designed to prime you for success. This essential tool will set the stage for your transformative journey through the Bootcamp, helping you unlock the clarity, focus, and motivation needed to thrive in your purpose driven coaching business.

Date TBC - Provisionally Scheduled For April 2024

So, if you're

Eager to leap from part-time passion to full-time prosperity?

And transform your coaching practice with confidence?

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Get ready to embrace the coaching career you’ve always envisioned, with all the tools, strategies, and support to make it a reality.

Founder of Ability Business Group, The Confidence Queens Academy. Start with Courage & Black Woman, THRIVE.

Meet JJ,
Your Mentor & Coach

I’m JJ, and I remember being in your shoes. While every business coach under the sun was talking about reaching their first 5k, I just wanted to break through to my first 2k month to help me feel like I was a serious coach and ‘top up’ my monthly salary. I bought into the ‘guru hype’ and spent thousands of pounds on programmes I didn’t need because I didn’t know which direction was the right one. 

But, once I realised how I could use the skills and expertise that I had honed from over 16 years of experience in legal finance, crafting revenue-driving strategies for some of the world’s largest law firms, I was able to master the art of creating purpose-filled, revenue driving strategies into my business, allowing me to match my corporate salary after only 4 months of working full time on my coaching business.

Now, as a multi award-winning coach and business mentor, I’m bringing this wealth of knowledge directly to you, blending my corporate acumen with a deep passion for coaching and mentoring. 

Why? Because, the world needs more coaches. More people who are committed to making a positive impact in a world filled with pain and turmoil. It’s my mission and purpose to help you step into your purpose. I believe  together, coaches and entrepreneurs have the power to transform the world, and I am one of many who are purposed to help it happen and I wanted to give you something I didn’t have so you can create a beautiful impact in the world by helping those who need you the most.

I hope you will join me on this transformational journey where I will pour my knowledge and experience to help you slay your first 2k month, and have a strategy that is repeatable and scalable and has the power and potential to transform your business, and your life.

Join The Waitlist: The 21 Day BreakThrough 2K Bootcamp

Ready to transform your coaching journey and achieve not just your first $2K month, but lay the groundwork for a future of growth, impact, and financial freedom? You're in the right place.

Enter your name and email below to secure your spot on the waitlist. This is the beginning of the life and business you've been dreaming of!

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Hear From My A Few of My Past Clients

Divinia Knowles
Divinia KnowlesThe COO Coach, Founder of The London COO Roundtable
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I received ongoing business strategy consulting and done-for-you support from JJ to help scale my business and make operations run smoother. She has been brilliant at automating things for me, making everything less manual and putting together strategic growth plans. She has not only saved me lots of time, but also lots of mental energy. I am really looking forward to what else we can do together moving forward. She is responsive, prompt, a joy to work with, endlessly optimistic, smart, creative, insightful, supportive and strategic in approach. JJ is very calm and pragmatic which is refreshing and helpful when things don't always feel easy. She brings perspective to situations that ensures the right approach and a reframed mindset, often around positivity. It has helped me get out of my own way. For anyone thinking of working with JJ, she is super knowledgeable, professional, diligent and can offer a lot. JJ will help your business and revenue to grow without question. Within 4 months she created new revenue streams and within 12 months my revenue has increased by over 50%. We also map out my business strategy on a quarterly basis so I have clarity of direction. I initially booked for 3 months support and have been working with JJ for close to 18 months. JJ helped me take my business to the next level.
Marlon Stewart
Marlon StewartGraphic Designer & Artist Movrt
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I received coaching from JJ to help me move forward with my career as an artist and designer. Whilst working with JJ, I was encouraged to set goals in order to have a clear vision of where I wanted to be. This was extremely helpful as the planning made my ideas more reachable than before. The advice that I received about my brand was amazing as now I know have established what my brand is and who I am as a brand. At the time I didn’t understand the difference but the advice given helped put this all into perspective. JJ arranged bi-weekly calls which kept me focused on my goals since I knew I needed to produce outcomes to report during the phone call. She also helped me with pricing my work which was massively helpful. My confidence as an Artist/brand has grown tremendously. JJ assisted me with attaining my first art exhibition and I sold my first piece at the new price which was 10x what I used to charge. Since then, I have taken part in multiple exhibitions and sell my art at a price that reflects my expertise. Thanks JJ
Sara CuadraBeauty & Wellness Coach, Nevada, USA
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Anyone looking to boost, change direction, or evolve their career, they need to book a Business Brainstorm with JJ. It will change their life like it changed mine. I was looking for clarity for a mid-life career change using my expertise to start a coaching business. What stood out was the absolute plethora of start up information JJ could provide. I had some ideas on the “what” I wanted to do, but no idea how to get there. JJ’s instructional wisdom is invaluable! I had a ‘Aha’ moment talking about how I can present my knowledge to my ideal clients and audience. She helped me see how to bring my 30 years experience in the beauty industry to a new level in a way that aligned with my skills and passions that resonated with me so profoundly! Now, I have an action plan that will actually work, with step by step instructions. I’ve become clear on my brand vision and goals. Before, I felt like a babe in the woods. Now I feel as equipped as Bear Grylls!
Bukola Balogun
Bukola Balogun Chief Experience Officer, HR & Creative Expression Consultant
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JJ is very knowledgable and supportive and created a welcoming space to feel comfortable to delve into my fears and goals for the future. Working with JJ has had a huge impact on me. From her giving me the space to talk through my personal journey and get to the roots of my fears so we could address them directly, her coaching has led me to take the steps to starting my own business and doing so in the path I am truly passionate about rather than the path I was simply used to. This has led me to feel so much happiness and joy waking up everyday and although I do not know what tomorrow brings, the coaching has given me the tools to know i can handle anything that comes my way! Working with JJ, I felt able to be open and be my true self with no judgement or feeling the need to hide. JJ really allowed me to come as I am and also met me where I was and didn't force me to take any actions or cause me to feel bad if I made any back steps but instead let me know it is ok and worked with me to move forward. Forever grateful As much as we invest in our material needs in life, it is even more important to invest in our Spiritual needs and our selves. Working with JJ is an investment in yourself worth making so do yourself and solid and gift yourself that blessing x
La'Kayann Outerbridge
La'Kayann OuterbridgeLife Transformation Coach
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A dream is just a dream if you don't make a plan and act on it. The Business Mentoring has exceeded my expectations, it is an intense, emotional, challenging course that surprisingly, not only makes you look internally, it provides you an opportunity to grow. The LIVE sessions were powerful, and an opportunity for JJ to give support and guide you in the right direction. These sessions allowed me the opportunity to witness JJ's tenacity first hand, she is determined to help you persevere, that her confidence becomes contagious as she stretches you out of your comfort zone and into your courage zone! From the workbooks to the prerecorded videos, you can receive support and information as you navigate thru each syllabus. If you are looking for accountability, are ready to take action and are looking for a coach who cares, don't just consider JJ, contact her immediately so you can work on your dreams becoming a reality!!
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