To 'AI' or, not to 'AI'?

Demystify and leverage Chat GPT, Explore Ethical Considerations, and Create Additional Income in Your Business!

For Purpose-Driven Business Owners, New Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Consultants, Service Providers, and You!

30th August 11.30am PST/ 2.30pm EST/ 7.30pm UK

30th August 11.30am PST/ 2.30pm EST/ 7.30pm UK

Are You...

Ready to Harness Chat GPT To Create Additional Income?

But unsure where to begin or how to integrate it into your business strategy?

A Tech Phobe Wanting to Know What The 'CHAT GPT' Fuss is About?

Tired of feeling left behind or confused by AI and tech trends?

A Coach or Consultant Who Values Authentic Communication and Efficiency?

Wanting to leverage AI without losing creativity & the human touch?

Neurodiverse and Looking for Tools that Support Your Needs?

Including dyslexia and ADHD-friendly methods?

You're in the right place!

This workshop will help you...

Amplify Your Business

Learn How AI Can Enhance Your Business: From lead magnets, to supporting with content creation, boosting speed and efficiency.

Unleash Your Superpower

Gain Insights Tailored for Neurodiversity: Techniques designed with learning differences in mind.

Unlock Your Earning Potential

Discover How To Quickly Create Additional, and Passive Income Streams Using Chat GPT

Get 'Chat GPT' Savvy

Step Into Confidence with AI Technology: Even if tech isn't your strong suit, This workshop will demystify the process.

As well as gaining a sound understanding of the ethics and knowing where you stand.

Limited Spaces Available – Secure Your Spot Now for Only $37!

You will walk away with...

Really Want To Boost Your Business?

Go VIP Exclusive & Elevate Your Experience

Unlock unparalleled growth with the VIP Exclusive package and work with me 1:1 and tap into the full potential of Chat GPT to create a  lead magnet, or offer that can generate income, with a strategy. Alternatively, you may wish to use this to help you in your career.

Go VIP Exclusive today and choose which session suits where you are in your journey.


The AI Workshop

$ 37
  • ✔︎ Access to LIVE workshop
  • ✔︎ Chat GPT Cheat Sheet & Template

VIP Exclusive

*Only 5 Spots Available
$ 297
  • ✔︎ Access to LIVE workshop
  • ✔︎ Chat GPT Cheat Sheet & Template
  • ✔︎ 1:1 Strategy Session with JJ - Incl. Action Plan

Your VIP Options

Decide which option you prefer and after the workshop you will book in your 1:1 session

1:1 Career Coaching

A 60 minute career coaching session, with an award-winning, Certified and ICF Accredited Career Coach where we focus on any aspect of your career. With the benefit of excellent coaching tools, used to support executives in Global organisations, for sure, the GameChanger Career Coaching session will transform the way you see and operate in your career!

1:1 Goals & Action Plan

A 60 minute focused session with an award-winning, Certified and ICF Accredited Career Coach and Business mentor. You will be supported and guided to effectively outline your goals and break them down into small milestones as well as mapping out an action plan.This is what you need if procrastination, perfectionism and overwhelm holds you back from achieving your goals!

1:1 Business Mentoring

The Purpose Accelerator Business Mentoring is responsible for multiple businesses starting and additional income being generated to supplement salaries in 2022 and 2023. This option is ideal if you need support with creating a lead magnet, expanding your offers, creating additional revenue streams or just need to run a business idea past an expert, this 60 minute business mentoring session is for you!

Hi, I'm JJ

Award winning Certified Coach, Business Strategy & Monetisation mentor.

I don’t believe in temporary fixes. For me; being in business isn’t just about making a quick buck and helping you to do the same. What I do, is help you to dig deeper and look at the way you think and why. I help you to uncover your existing mindset, values and beliefs, so you can apply relevant life tools and intentionality to live a purposeful life of contribution. I want to help you create a legacy that aligns with who you are at your core, and that leaves an impression on the world. 

Let me be 100% honest with you. The capabilities of AI scare me too. Yes, I’m also a sceptic. But I was also sceptical about social media, and now I run three businesses on social media platforms. I’ve come to realise, hiding from things that scare you, won’t make them disappear. So you might as well learn to use them to your advantage or at least understand them better. 

This workshop will answer questions that you may not have answers for; and will show you step by step how you can easily and quickly use Chat GPT to monetise your skills, knowledge and expertise. Life’s too short to be stuck, unhappy and unfulfilled because you can’t find answers or mentors to help you step into your purpose. If you are ready to shift whatever it is that’s standing in the way of your goals, your next step is simple. Hit the button below and come see me inside! 

Got Questions?

I’ve got the answers…


This workshop is a women only event. Tailor-made for purpose-driven business owners, new entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, service providers, and those who are experienced in business, but not tech-savvy. It’s especially designed for women who want to leverage AI technology to enhance their businesses.

No worries at all! The workshop is designed to demystify AI and make it accessible, even if tech isn’t your strong suit. JJ’s guidance will walk you through the basics and provide supportive techniques designed with all levels of experience in mind.

This workshop will empower you to leverage Chat GPT for improved communication, increased innovation, and strategic alignment within your business. Additionally, you’ll gain insights tailored for neurodiversity and build connections with like-minded women committed to growth.

The Chat GPT Cheat Sheet, included in your workshop benefits, consists of 50 prompts to help you leverage and make great use of Chat GPT in your business. It’s designed to guide you in creating first-class prompts that enhance various aspects of your business by ensuring you get top quality outputs.

Simply click the “[Leverage Chat GPT, Book Your Spot]” button on this page to make your payment and secure your spot in the workshop. Act fast, as there are limited spaces available for this special offer investment of $37

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