PayGaps To Profits, With Purpose

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3 Day Training with task videos & workbook helping Black women in corporate & Government positions with their transition from employment to self-employment.

If you are looking to create a lifestyle with more time, freedom and flexibility by creating an additional income to support your salary or escaping the 9-5 completely, this training is for you.

This course consists of:

3 x Mini Mindset Tasks

3 x Comprehensive Interactive MasterClasses (2+ hours long each)

3 Editable workbooks


In this course, I will share my Purpose Formula, which will help you to identify your purpose, reposition yourself, and make a successful transition, understanding what steps to take to become a consultant or freelancer, empowering you to confidently step into your thrive!
With my 3-Step Process, I will show you how simple it can be to monetise and then, together, we will create an action plan with your next best moves, and I’ll even show you how to create your first client offer!
Don’t miss this opportunity to make a change in your life and create your legacy.



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