Kingdom Life Coach Seminar

Divine by Design:

Living a Life of Impact, Purpose & Legacy – The Life You Were Created For


Are you feeling called to more - more purpose, more joy, more impact?

Are you yearning to make a difference? Do you desire to walk in His purpose, but you’re not confident, or sure you are ready? 

Through reflection, heartfelt discussions, practical exercises, and shared stories of fear and faith, we’ll uncover steps to living a life that reflects who we are in Christ.

Your Divine Design

Knowing your Divine Design can change your live, forever.

Don't allow another day pass without walking in your Divine Design.

It's Going Down

Meet The Seminar Speaker

Hi, I’m JJ, Certified Life, Career & Confidence Coach, & Business Mentor and Facilitator.

My mission is to help you break limitations, conquer fears and unlock your Divine identity so you can THRIVE with courage and confidence in your God-given purpose. My faith helped me turn my pain into purpose and recognise that your test truly forms the heart of your testimony.

Just like Nelson Mandela said, “I never lose. I either win or learn.” This mindset fuels my mission to show you that with the right support, strategy, and a dash of ‘NOW FAITH’, you too can overcome any obstacle and create a life that ripples with purpose and prosperity.

Together, let’s turn your trials into triumphs, creating a purposeful, prosperous life that ripples with impact. Ready to unlock your divine design? Join me at the Divine by Design seminar!

This seminar is for yOU, if...

Ready to step boldly into their God-given purpose, for Kingdom people who are yearning for more, to become more, and leave the legacy intended for them. It’s time to see yourself in a way that allows you to step into your divine design fully.

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