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We Excel

I am the founder of We Excel, which is a Community Interest Company, a non-profit organisation that accepts a responsibility to create and hold space to improve the wellbeing of black youth, academically, socially, emotionally, and financially to show a reflection of Black Excellence.

This is done by creating and implementing dynamic and transformative programmes and training both online and in-person. This involves coaching, mentoring, and sharing experiences and expertise leading the youth to successful development opportunities and reflecting Black Excellence through leadership.

Our mission is to provide richly experienced professionals to EngageEquip & Empower, today’s generation of Black Youth across the African Diaspora.

Attitudes are changing and so are careers.

Our vision is to elevate our young, so they are uniquely positioned to make a positive shift in the levels of underrepresentation in UK Business, Entrepreneurship, and Corporate Industries.

We aim to increase opportunities for Melanated Excellence to exist across industries where it is currently scarce. Why? Because Representation Matters!

Nyame Bekyere Christian School

Nyame Bekyere Christian School is a primary school located in the Nyame Bekyere Village of Ghana, West Africa.  Nyame Bekyere is nestled along the Cape Coast road between Kasoa and Winneba in the Gomoa District.  Nyame Bekyere serves KG 1 to Primary 6 students and trains them under the Ghana Education Services Basic Education Curriculum. 

I’ve supported this school since its opening in 1999 as a volunteer. Prior to it’s opening, there was no where for the children of this village to receive education. My role was Child Sponsorship Coordinator and administrator. From travelling to Ghana to teach in the school, to now, being a board member and Head of Teacher Learning and Development. We now serve well over 100 students and some of the students who attended when the school opened, are now teachers at the school. Every month my businesses support the school by way of finances, time, and services. I deliver Leadership and Personal Development training to the teachers both in-person (in Ghana) and virtually. 

It is a beautiful way to give back and be a valuable contribution. The school is funded solely by donations managed by one of our funding partners, Suddenly Joyful Global Missions. The board is made up of UK & US businesses and churches. In 2021, we (some of the funding partners and I), visited the school to unveil a new library wing with 5 brand new computers. We delivered new school uniforms and stationary. I also delivered workshops and training to the teachers. We held a Public Health Day and had workers from the government health services do presentations to talk about COVID and how to take precautions. You will find pictures and more information on the website along with more  about the school and the board. If you would like to donate or become a funding partner, please hit the button below. And drop me an email at   nbcs.advisory.board@gmail.com so I can give you a shout-out and thank you for your well-needed and valued support.  Visit The Website

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