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Designed exclusively to support new and part time coaches and consultants

The Purpose Accelerator is a community for Black Women Who Are Ready To Monetise Their Passions, Skills & Expertise To Transform their Income potential

Imagine Who You Will Become when you...

Having step-by-step support inside of a community where we don’t just talk, we walk the walk! 

No code-switching, no conforming!

When you monetise your expertise and create a viable business, you're in control, get to call the shots!

This EXCLUSIVE mentoring & wellbeing community, is run BY Black Women, FOR Black Women.

Because You...WE, Deserve it.

The THRIVE Community Includes:

Amazing Training from The Purpose Accelerator Business Mentoring Course. The course that is responsible for an increase of women successfully starting businesses in 2022. Sharing valuable business building foundations, start up and growth frameworks, helping you overcome buying and sales objections with pricing  and positioning strategies. Teaching ways to make money, overcome limiting money mindset beliefs.

Monthly Business Mentoring MasterClasses that help you get to your next level. You can even request focus on particular areas and if you join with the Business Level, you get to attend the masterclass LIVE and ask your personalised business specific questions and get on the spot answers and support. The masterClasses are saved to the learning platform for you to access anytime. The masterclasses range from: Canva Training, How to make money using AI, How to optimise your social media platforms, How to go LIVE, with confidence, How to create a winning lead magnet, How to start a blog, How to do effective market research, How to identify your ideal market and client.... and so many more!

Direct access to 'ME' 😊, my team, and each other, via Discord and Private Facebook group. You get to touch base with me and everyone else in the community. A place where you can support each other, ask questions, ask for opinions,. This is where you also get to support each other. Use this space for business communication, personal communication... and everything in between!

We focus on a business book each month, and meet to discuss and implement techniques and each week you have an opportunity to tap in and get on-the-spot- mentoring, mindset support and coaching.

Our Goals & Accountability Coach supports you weekly to help you stay on track with your personal, business, and lifestyle goals. Helping you focus on YOU. Helping you with self-recognition, and providing you support from the women who are rooting for your success while striving for their own and take advantage of co-working sessions to combat procrastination, together and boost your productivity and results.

Going through burnout is no joke, been there! I take mental wellbeing very seriously, so much so that every quarter we will have a Therapist meet with us to go through wellbeing techniques, helps to manage anxiety, stress, overwhelm. We will be supported by an experienced qualified CBT Psychotherapist, and licensed Mindfulness instructor and even support with other aspects of life e.g. parenting, family support and much more. 

We also have a in-house Grief & Loss Coach as our Black Woman, THRIVE partner helping you deal with the trauma that grief and loss can bring.

These are monthly sessions that are not business related, but instead dedicated focus on you. This is how you CHOOSE YOURSELF.

What we cover in Black Woman THRIVE


The Trigger and starting point for your journey to THRIVING. Here you will learn more about yourself, and the courage you develop will be the catalyst to making boss moves.

We focus on mindset and exploration, transitioning from consumer to creator, from employee to entrepreneur, and from fixed mindset to growth mindset. You are never too experienced to expand on your mindset. We all have old beliefs, behaviours, habits and fears that create limiting beliefs which impact our entrepreneurial journey.

This module helps with managing overthinking, introversion, breaking free from self-sabotaging behaviours and imposter syndrome. All things that create mindset blockages, and this module is where we break through them. And we couple this with exploring and expanding on ideas until you have clarity on what it is you are here to do. 


This generates when you have activated your courage. Empowerment is the fuel that helps you hold your power so you can take action, despite any fear.

Here we hone in on business principles and foundations. When you feel competent and empowered, your confidence appears! Understanding this helps you to position yourself as someone with deeper knowledge and allows you to see yourself as a business owner. We look at alignment and how you ‘show up’ in your business as a confident leader. This is where we map out your story. Self-awareness is key so you know how to connect with your potential clients. We focus on your ‘why’, and connect it directly to your business so that every time you show up in your business, it feels less like work and more like pleasure.

We couple self-awareness with marketing and personal branding principles so you understand how to attract clients, who your ideal client is, and how to ensure you build the connection you need. This module helps you to feel and be empowered by your progress, but mostly, by who you are and how you serve.


This is vital. Where you might have been previously stuck, you now have the tools to overcome. Action will kickstart momentum and allow you to continually move forward to your next level.

Everything you know until now means nothing until it is implemented! This module is where we begin to walk the walk!! You’ve learned principles, foundations, tools, mindset, audience, and alignment, now you want to get the money rolling in and create the impact you were purposed to created.  With targeted goals, accountability, and all the support you need, you put your business to the test. 

Those who are already business owners when they join have spent their time renewing and getting clarity on their brand and offers and creating new offerings for to launch to their primed clientele. Everyone has something to offer to the world and this stage is where you put it out and turn the purpose driven hobby or idea, into a purpose driven business! 


What starts with courage, ends with growth and you are about to experience growth in leaps and bounds. You will step into your authority and be the brand you are more than capable of being. By the end of this programme, you will be in your THRIVE ZONE!

This module you get to tweak what you’ve created and built upon. You learn from mistakes, you have new mindset challenges to work on and you also have successes to celebrate and track for data insights. Growth is where you consider timing for scaling, when you plan 30, 60 and 90 day sprints for your business. Where you tighten up that business and marketing strategy and build on your plan.

This is where you get even more serious about financial goals, and lifestyle goals as you grow and scale to the next level.  Those of you who become partners of BWT are giving back to the community, selling offers, nailing your pitches, and presenting and training others in the community. This is where you see THRIVE mode in full effect!

THRIVE Partners

Holistic Wellbeing For Us, By Us.

Delivered By Experts & Professionals

And , as well as learning, each month you have workshops which focus on your emotional, spiritual and mental wellbeing.

In a time when the health of Black women is often overlooked, this community provides support from proven experts worthy of your attention, who are totally focused on helping you become the best you can be mentally, emotionally and spiritually. 

Your THRIVE Community Is HERE!

Step into the self-confident successful woman you know you are capable of being and transition to THRIVING in your purpose.

This Is For You If...

Whether you are advancing your career and creating a side business, or if you are ready to make moves to become fully self-employed, you have access to a LIVE Business Mentoring and a LIVE Career Coaching to fully equip you with all the tools you need, and more, to THRIVE, in your Business, in your career and in your life.

And, for those who want to fast track your transition, VIP Partner level is where it's at. You will get 1:1 Business mentoring and the opportunity to become a BWT Partner so you can get direct experience and out your THRIVE expertise in motion.

A Black Woman led Community with Black business partnerships and THRIVING leaders that are here to support YOUR financial, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs as well as your business and career advancement!

Business Mentoring Programme

A group mentoring programme that will help you to start and grow a purpose-driven business that fully aligns with you, focusing on mindset, beliefs, and values and then moving on to idea generation all the way to onboarding clients and sales. With modules focusing on, offer & programme creation, client attraction, sales strategy & money mindset. 

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Wanna know something else Amazing?

In Black Woman THRIVE, we live a life of contribution...

A percentage of every membership goes toward Nyame Bekyere Christian School. A school in a rural village called Nyame Bekyere in Ghana, West Africa. The donations support the upkeep of the school and provides funds for equipment, clothing and stationary supplies for the children.

Founding Member Bonuses

Every Founding Member gets a choice of a 1:1 session to kick start your growth.

What will you choose?

Let me know when you’ve completed your onboarding, and we will set the date & time!

1:1 Career Coaching

A 60 minute career coaching session, with an award-winning, Certified and ICF Accredited Career Coach where we focus on any aspect of your career. With the benefit of excellent coaching tools, used to support executives in Global organisations, for sure, the GameChanger Career Coaching session will transform the way you see and operate in your career!

1:1 Goals & Action Plan

A 60 minute focused session with an award-winning, Certified and ICF Accredited Career Coach and Business mentor. You will be completely supported and guided to effectively outline your goals and break them down into small milestones as well as mapping out an action plan.This is just what you need if procrastination, perfectionism and overwhelm usually holds you back from achieving your desired goals!

1:1 Business Mentoring

The purpose accelerator business mentoring is responsible for multiple businesses starting in 2022 and 2023. Ideally for those who are either hoping to go into coaching or consulting and for those who are already in this field and need support with expanding their offers, creating additional revenue streams or just need to run a business idea past an expert, this 60 minute business mentoring session is for you!

Grab an Annual Package and Fast Track Your Success
With Exclusive Bonuses

1 Month Voxer Access

Get direct access to JJ for a month of mentoring and support to answer your questions, get accountability and get clear on what it is you want to achieve with your business, career or life goals. It’s basically a mentor and coach in your pocket! 

Exclusive VIP Day

EXCLUSIVE: Members who sign up for an annual package get to have a VIP day with JJ – In-Person in Manchester or Virtual.   You get to tap in directly with JJ without splitting your time. You will walk away with a clear action plan and a special VIP gift!

Meet The Founder

I’m JJ, I spent 16 years leading teams and creating  revenue driving strategies for Global law firms controlling revenue of up to 8 figures. I did this based in the Middle East, Asia and UK and I learned a thing or two about making money in business, but I also came to the conclusion that I wanted to do business my way. Working in corporate as a Black woman created a lot of stress and challenges. But worst of all, I went through the majority of my career with deeply ingrained imposter syndrome. This happens frequently when you are in an environment where you are ‘the only’ or one of a few, fighting unspoken prejudice and microaggressions on a daily basis.

And on top of that, unless we specifically fight for fair salaries, we are impacted by the Gender AND the Ethnicity pay gap!

It came to a point where, I was just done! I was done with the corporate racism and decided I wanted change. I tried to create it. I did all the things from inside the organisation, working with the Global diversity teams, creating employee networks, impacting the D&I strategy. But I came to the conclusion, I would better placed making changes from the outside, than the inside. That was my cue to gather my courage and leave the corporate world.

I planned to create a massive impact in breaking down structural racism and eradicating the gender and ethnicity pay gaps with the work I do as an EDI & ANTI-racism Consultant, helping organisations create ANTI-racism Strategies so ALL people can THRIVE. I also take every opportunity to help people who look like me to feel empowered to write their own cheques and experience a level of professional flexibility and financial freedom.

My Mission

To help as many woman, but with an intentional focus on Black women to enjoy their careers without racism and where this isn’t possible, to learn how to write their own cheques instead of fighting for a seat at someone elses table.  

Founding Member Unlocks 50% Discount

Here's where to make your investment

Pay annually or Monthly

VIP Partner Level

Capped at 6 Members. Save 2 Months $888
Founding Member Investment
$ 444 Monthly
  • 1:1 Ultimate GameChanger Coaching Or Business Mentoring Programme **ONLY 6 VIP SLOTS AVAILABLE**
  • Opportunity to promote business in FB Group
  • Opportunity to host workshops/webinars to sell
  • Opportunity to become a Black Woman, THRIVE partner

Business Level

Save 2 Months $444
Founding Member Investment
$ 222 Monthly
  • Quarterly Mastermind & Goal Setting
  • Access to 1:1 Business Buddy Service
  • Access To Full Content Vault, MasterClasses & Courses
  • LIVE Career Alignment Masterclass & Coaching
  • LIVE Business Mentoring Masterclass & Mentoring

Community Level

Save 2 Months $222
Founding Member Investment
$ 111 Monthly
  • Purpose Accelerator Full Business Mentoring Course
  • *Replay of Ultimate GameChanger Coaching Sessions
  • *Replay of Business Mentoring Group Sessions
  • Community Accountability Hubs
  • Weekly QA&A (Question, Answer & Action)
  • ACCELERATE: The Business BookClub
  • Monthly Sessions with Professional Experts (Psychotherapist, And a Grief & Loss Coach
  • Bi-Monthly Social & Networking
  • Exclusive Access To Private FB Group & Discord

VIP Partner Level

Capped at 6 Members. Save 2 Months $888
Founding Member Investment
$ 4,440 Annual
  • 1:1 Ultimate GameChanger Coaching Programme Or Business Mentoring Programme
  • Opportunity to promote business in FB Group
  • Opportunity to host workshops/webinars to sell
  • Opportunity to become a Black Woman, THRIVE Partner
  • 6 Sessions with Licensed CBT Psychotherapist
  • Annual Membership to The Confidence Queens Academy

Business Level

Incl. Bonuses & Save 2 Months $444
Founding Member Investment
$ 2,220 Annual
  • Quarterly Business Mastermind & Goal Setting
  • Access to 1:1 Business Buddy Service
  • *LIVE Ultimate GameChanger Coaching Session
  • *LIVE Purpose Accelerator Business Mentoring Masterclass
  • Access To Full Content Vault, MasterClass & Courses
  • Annual 1:1 Business Brainstorm Session

Community Level

Save 2 Months $222
Founding Member Investment
$ 1,110 Annual
  • Purpose Accelerator Full Business Mentoring Course
  • *Replay of Ultimate GameChanger Coaching Sessions
  • *Replay of LIVE Business Mentoring Group Sessions
  • Community Accountability Hubs
  • Weekly QA&A (Question, Answer & Action)
  • ACCELERATE: The Business BookClub
  • Monthly LIVE Sessions with Professional Experts (Psychotherapist, And a Grief & Loss Coach
  • Exclusive Access To Private FB Group
  • Annual Bonus Weekly Co-Working Sessions

**Note: 3 month minimum commitment and additional member benefits unlock after 3 months**

Wanna know what amazingness you can expect working with me?

Here's What They Say...

Frequently Asked Questions

No. This community is specifically for members of the African and Black Diaspora. I am very specific about this as a Black woman myself, I have first hand experience of the privilege that WE DO NOT HAVE in Corporate spaces. Black Woman THRIVE is a privilege for BLACK WOMEN. **ALSO** There is an application process and I vet every application myself to ensure this remains a safe and protected space for the sisters inside. Black Woman THRIVE is to remain, Drama Free, Badmind Free, Negative Energy Free.

No, each topic included in the programmes (Purpose Accelerator & Ultimate GameChanger) will be taught from the ground up and requires no prior knowledge, just courage, passion, willingness and ability to take action and a strong desire to succeed.

Yes! This is the only community where you can get access to both high ticket programmes together. This is because both programmes work well together, especially for those who are working jobs and wanting to keep money up while they build purpose driven businesses. Also, for those who are self employed who may not have worked in a ‘corporate type’ environment, as this programme helps to provide a high level of professionalism into their business which can be helpful to attract a profitable clientele or work within the corporate B2B sector. 

I did…(I’m JJ), I wrote the programmes sharing my own knowledge and expertises as well as thousands of pounds worth of training. I’m a certified and ICF accredited life and career coach, a Revenue Strategist & Diversity & Inclusion Consultant with multiple graduate degrees and 16+ experience in Corporate. I have also incorporated some amazing tools into each programme. The Ultimate GameChanger has tools also from Career Matters that is an organisation where I am a certified to deliver as a graduate from their Career Plan Training Programme. I am one of their accredited Freelance Coaches and Facilitators, delivering coaching and speaking to top tier clients and individuals of the highiest levels (C++, Senior Leaders, CEO’s etc). Working in the legal industry for some of the worlds largest, responsible for managing legal revenue and creating revenue generating strategies for some of the wealthiest law firms. I help individuals and organisations create environments where they can thrive, with confidence (and with finances).

Absolutely. It’s designed to help people at all levels of their career. You will learn how to manage career decisions and transitions with a sounding board and accountability. There is also a skills audit included in the programme to see where you might want further support or training. This programme is very versatile with tools that can be used to boost your existing position or change it. This is a programme I deliver to help C+ Suite level staff manage career decisions and transitions (This is valuable for Chief Execs as well as junior employees and graduate programmes). I also help people to transition out of employment to become consultants and contractors. You will understand and fully embrace the benefit of fusing personal and professional growth to create alignment and experience a deeper sense of meaning in your life when your career is aligned with your purpose and you understand the impact you can create just by operating at your best self.

100%. This community is not only to show you how to build successful businesses, but also it’s about being with other Black women who are your peers. Additional support and accountability, and if you are VIP level, you get to promote your business inside of the community too. In terms of business, if you are not seeing desired results, maybe started your business and was winging it and not seeing the results you wanted, this is an opportunity to learn ‘business’ principles that will help you to reshape your business. You will learn how the marketing ecosystems works as well as having access to me, a revenue generation specialist and strategist. You will no longer be doing everything alone with no sounding board. You will have a community of women by your side.

In the right environment, you can grow to heights beyond your imagination.

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