The Purpose Accelerator

Business Mentoring Series

Start and Boost Your Business within 4 Months and kickstart your purpose driven life with more freedom, more finances & more fun

Are you yearning for more freedom and fulfilment? 

Do you have big dreams that other people don’t understand?

Sounds like you’re ready to ditch the status quo and build a business that ignites your soul.

Join me and write your next chapter – one filled with freedom, fulfilment, and a legacy that matters.

The The Purpose Accelerator is your gateway to unlocking the life of your dreams. 

In other words…

I've Got You!

"When the student is ready the teacher will appear"

Tao Te Ching

How Can I Help Your Entrepreneurial Journey?

1:1 Business Mentoring Programme

4 Month Programme to help you start, or scale your coaching or consulting business. See details below for investment, pay in full discount offered and payment plan options available.

The Nail-It Strategy Session

1:1 call where we’ll tap into the main challenge you are facing and I'll provide a solution that will set you up for intentional success. Expect actionable advice, clarity and the steps for immediate implementation and results. Only $375

Business Brainstorm

2.5 Hour Business Mentoring to help you overcome hurdles, strategize, plan and walk away knowing your next 5 steps to implement and proceed with accountability and confidence. Only $675

JJ On Demand, In Your Hand!

1:1: On Demand Implementation & Accountability Support via Whatsapp, Telegram or FB Messenger. Includes monthly call to set objectives then exchange voice notes, video, text, share docs or resources for review. $600 month, $1500 quarter

You were destined for this exciting journey as a coach or consultant and now you've found your strategic running partner to help you with your transition.
This is your opportunity to excel in ways you have only imagined!

Wherever you want to go on your business journey, you'll arrive at your goal faster with

The Purpose Accelerator

LIVE 1:1 Mentorship Programme
Incl. 12 Month Access to Self-Learning Training Platform

Some clients who I've supported through my program

Hear from Malcolm, who received focused support with corporate positioning and engagement strategy

Hear from Denise who received support with overwhelm, niching narrowing her business focus

Here's A Glimpse of What You'll Achieve

Accelerated Clarity

Develop a crystal-clear vision for your business and establish a business model that aligns with your values and purpose.

Accelerated Connection

Market Research to identify your target audience and Ideal client deeply understand their needs, desires, and pain points.

Accelerated Authority

Establish a powerful online presence through social media strategies, positioning yourself as an authority and thought leader in your niche.

Accelerated Clients

Create an effective client attraction strategies to ensure a seamless experience for new client onboarding and email marketing.

Accelerated Reputation

Gain social proof through testimonials or reviews from satisfied clients, building social proof and credibility in the marketplace

Accelerated Visibility

Secure your first paying clients, demonstrating the viability of your services and establishing a solid foundation for revenue generation.

Accelerated Offers

Structure coaching services with clear objectives, deliverables, and pricing, creating irresistible offers for your target audience.

Accelerated Growth

6-month business strategy, setting goals, identifying marketing and sales strategies, and outlining steps to expand your reach and impact.

Why Choose the
Purpose Accelerator Incubator Program?

The program is designed to give you tools which foster growth, self-empowerment, entrepreneurial mindset, and the opportunity to  kickstart your business. I’m dedicated to supporting purpose driven change makers like you to create financial independence, and make a meaningful impact as a coach or consultant.

Having already walked the walk and helped others to successfully walk it too, you will work closely with me. I’m continually growing and learning and sowing into my clients. Having created the lifestyle that I desire, I made it my mission to help others to know that it can be done, and how. My business mentoring services are based on strategies that WORK, not just for me, but also for my clients. My background is 16 years writing revenue success strategies for the largest law firms in the world, making rich people richer. Now, All of that expertise is poured into help your create a purpose-driven business that emotionally, spiritually and financially serves you and delivers the impact you wish to create in the world. I share personal insights which allowed me to make the very same transition from my corporate job following my 3 Step Framework. I am excited to give to you the support you need to launch and grow your coaching/consulting business. Also offering supporting newly qualified coaches to map out a sustainable strategy to boost their business.

We will cover all the essential aspects of starting your business. From defining your target audience, developing additional revenue streams in your business, creating compelling offers, money mindset, and pricing, implementing marketing strategies, and closing sales. For those who have recently started their journey, you will be guided through growth and expansion strategies along with support to build and align additional income streams into your business. This comprehensive program will equip you with the skills and mindset needed to succeed, coupled with thought leadership strategies to boost your personal brand.

Unlike other business coaches or mentors, I take on a small number of 1:1 clients (5), at any one time to ensure I can give you maximum focus and support. This ensures that you receive personalised attention, tailored guidance. You are fully supported with tools, techniques and mindset support. You will see the momentum build each stage of the journey. The Purpose Accelerator Programme is as practical as it gets. 

My confidence as an Artist/brand has grown tremendously. JJ assisted me with attaining my first art exhibition and I sold my first piece at the new price which was 10x what I used to charge. Since then, I have taken part in multiple exhibitions and sell my art at a price that reflects my expertise. Thanks JJ
Marlon - MoZrt
Artist & Graphic Designer

Your Investment

8 x 90-minute mentoring calls, 2 calls per month
Bi-Weekly Messenger Check-In, Accountability & Support (WhatsApp/Voxer/Telegram)
Additional Resources, Training Platform & 4 months access to my Exclusive Business Mentoring Community
Your Investment: $4,500 / approx. £3,750

Payment Options:
Upfront Payment Discount: Enjoy a 10% discount for full upfront payment

Extended Payment Plans Available On Request

Application Only - Book a Clarity Call.

Intro Session

KickStart Session

- Setting clear objectives and goals for the program duration.
- Discuss business ideas, vision, and objectives.
- Set SMART goals for the 3/6-month period.
- Brand audit & discuss findings.
- Discuss target audience & niche.
- Outline key steps and milestones for the program.

KickStart Session

1 LIVE/Zoom Session - 60 Minutes
Recording of session included
Homework Tasks & Worksheets included

The Identification Stage (Month 1-2)

Foundation Building and Business Clarity

- Develop a business vision & mission statement.
- Identify skills, values, your USP.
- Market research and competitive landscape.
- Outline business strategy and 3 month forecast.
- Who you want to help and why.
- Create brand persona, story, your why.

Foundation Building and Business Clarity

LIVE/Zoom Sessions: 2 Hours Each
Recording of sessions Included
MasterClass included to support business foundations
Homework Tasks & Worksheets included
Weekly Voxer Check-in, Q&A, Additional Support

The Repositioning Stage (Month 3-4)

BD and Marketing Strategies

- Business & website set up.
- Sales process & pricing strategies.
- Create content strategy for social media platforms.
- Building audience, authority and thought leadership
- Lead generation strategies
- Develop email marketing and secure first clients

Business Development and Marketing Strategies

LIVE/Zoom Sessions: 2 Hours Each
Recording of sessions included
MasterClass included to support Business Strategies
Homework Tasks & Worksheets included
Weekly Voxer Check-in, Q&A, Additional Support

The Transition Stage (MONTH 5-6)

Sales Strategies & Business Growth

- Creating a compelling offer and value Ladder
- Value Based Pricing & Revenue strategies
- Sales and Buying Psychology
- Outline a client onboarding process.
- Obtain social proof and secure more clients
- Fine-tune the client acquisition process

Sales Strategies and Business Growth

LIVE/Zoom Sessions: 2 Hours Each
Recording of sessions included
MasterClass included Converting Sales Calls, Pricing Strategies
Homework Tasks & Worksheets included
Weekly Voxer Check-in, Q&A, Additional Support

Also Included...

Weekly Q&A and Support Includes:

Voxer/Email/WhatsApp Q&A Check-Ins to touch base and confirm where you are, e.g. Are you on track? Need to reevaluate goals? Do you need steering onto the right path or advice? Q&A, Mindset support - Get 'UnStuck support

Critical Care Sessions: Access to 30 minute 'ad- hoc' session for those freakout or burnout moments we experience as entrepreneurs when things don't go as planned and you need a call outside of or in addition to, the planned sessions, or someone to celebrate your wins and hard work with!

Weekly Q&A and Support Includes:

Voxer/Email/WhatsApp Check-Ins to touch base and confirm where you are, e.g. Are you on track? Need to reevaluate goals? Do you need steering onto the right path or advice? Q&A, Mindset support - Get 'UnStuck support

2 Critical Care Sessions: Access to two 30 minute 'ad- hoc' sessions for those freakout or burnout moments we experience as entrepreneurs when things don't go as planned and you need a call outside of or in addition to, the planned sessions, or someone to celebrate your wins and hard work with!

What You Can Expect

Hear From A Few Of My Clients 



Hey! I'm JJ

I’m a recovering corporate employee turned Certified Coach, Facilitator, and Business mentor. With 16 years of experience creating revenue strategies for Global Law firms which I now use to help professionals, coaches, consultants and content creators to start and scale purpose-driven businesses. I’m passionate about helping people learn how to monetise their expertise and take control of their earning potential. It’s my purpose to help others identify and connect with their purpose and live a life of contribution. 

I love to work with change makers and action takers. The people of the world who have big dreams and the determination to make the world a better place. 

You've Got Questions, I've Got Answers!

Most frequent questions and answers

The Purpose Accelerator stands out due to its comprehensive approach, combining JJ’s 16 years of strategic experience in global revenue strategies with a deep commitment to purpose-driven entrepreneurship. Unlike other programs, it is structured around a proven three-stage framework: Identification, Repositioning, and Transitioning. This framework not only guides you through the essential phases of starting and scaling your business but also ensures every step is aligned with your deepest purpose. JJ has successfully navigated this journey, transitioning from a corporate role to a thriving business mentor, coach and consultant, and has guided numerous clients through the same transformation. This program offers a blend of live mentorship, a self-learning platform, and critical care sessions, making it uniquely equipped to support women who are ready to leave the corporate world behind and pursue a business that truly resonates with their purpose and passion.

This program is ideal for professionals seeking more freedom, fulfillment, and the chance to create a meaningful legacy through their business. It’s designed for coaches or consultants who are on the brink of transitioning from corporate or full time employment to entrepreneurship, or who may be working fulltime but require additional support with business foundations and growth strategies.Those who are looking for a strategic partner to guide them through this journey with critical and actionable insights and mentoring. If you’re determined to build a business that resonates with your purpose, The Purpose Accelerator is for you.

No, you do not need prior business experience or a specific business background to benefit from The Purpose Accelerator. The program is designed to support women at various stages of their entrepreneurial journey, whether you’re just starting to explore the idea of launching your own business or looking to pivot and scale an existing venture. Our comprehensive framework, combined with personalized mentorship and a supportive learning platform, is crafted to equip you with the knowledge, strategies, and tools necessary to build and grow your business from the ground up. Regardless of your starting point, The Purpose Accelerator is here to guide you through every step of your purpose-driven entrepreneurial journey, ensuring you have the confidence and clarity to succeed.

By the end of The Purpose Accelerator 6 month programme, you will have established a clear and compelling vision for your business, identified and connected with your target audience, and developed an authoritative online presence. You’ll have also secured your first paying clients and laid down a solid foundation for future revenue generation. You will not only have a business, you will have a BRAND! Additionally, the program equips you with a strategic 6-month strategic growth plan, ensuring you have all the tools necessary for continued success and expansion.

Yes, The Purpose Accelerator provides flexible payment options to accommodate your financial needs. For the 6-month mentorship, the program requires an investment of $4500k, with an option for up to a 12-month installment plan. There is also a 3-month mentorship option available at $3000k, with up to a 6-month installment plan available. These payment plans are designed to ease the financial investment, allowing you to focus on your growth and business development.

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