Ready to transform your passion into a powerful, purpose-driven, and profitable business—

without compromising your integrity or authenticity?



The Purpose-Driven Coach Academy

Get Access to All The Training, Strategies & Mentoring Needed to Build Your Purpose-Driven Coaching Business without...

Second-guessing & Doubting yourself

Do I really have what it takes to be a ‘real’ coach?

Struggling with imposter syndrome

Who am I to charge for my services?

Being afraid of the 'business' or 'tech' side

How do I actually build a business and get clients?

What you need is a clear roadmap that will lead you on the path to purpose, passion and profit. Congratulations Coach, you're in the right place!

Many new coaches come across the same challenges when trying to create a purpose-driven business.
 It often results in

Playing small, unsure how to ‘show up’ authentically in the entrepreneurial space because you don’t feel good enough, or like you belong.

Sharing posts on social media and getting crickets, wondering what you’re doing wrong, that it must be a ‘you’ problem.

Struggling with self-comparison and convincing yourself that you cannot live up to what’s out there, there’s no room for you.

You're not alone, and you deserve better than to feel like this.

You've got a story to tell,
and people need to hear from you.

You deserve to create your dream coaching business where you...

Here's what's getting in your way...

Social media is overflowing with generic advice and Chat GPT ‘experts’ (trying to reach into your pockets).  But having access to so many options without having a clear direction causes overwhelm, and often comparison, so you start to dim your light. There’s so much distraction online, and let’s admit it, when we’re just starting out, it’s often quite intimidating… for all of us. You’re not alone, I’ve been there too.

That's why at the Purpose Driven Coach Academy, we're doing things differently!

I remember how hard it is to stay on track to pursue your calling, and it’s even worse now with the rise of AI Technology. 

So Coach, I’m offering you a progressive learning hub—a learning platform that takes you off social media when you wish to learn, and a Facebook community hub with support and accountability when you are ready to engage and be among like- minded coaches. 

❌ No sifting through ‘off-key’ self-promotion posts that lead you down rabbit holes.

❌ No one trying to sneak into your wallet or pitch you in the DMs every time you ask a question.

I’m giving you the support I wish I had. The support I craved for that would help me to stay in alignment with who I am at my core, and learn how to build a business with integrity that aligned with my purpose.

We're all about Impact over Income

And Purpose-Driven Profit

Inside The Academy, we genuinely root for each other. We support each other’s content, celebrate launches, and, we hold each other accountable—with love—because we genuinely want each other to succeed.

This is what you’ve been looking for. It’s where YOU belong.

SO... Who AM I?
I’m JJ, Founder of The Purpose-Driven Coach Academy,
Here's a snapshot of my story...

After a 16+ year corporate career in Legal Finance and Revenue Strategy, I reached a point in my life when I no longer wanted to make rich people richer. I no longer wanted to build someone else’s dream. I was ready to build my own. I dreamed of having a business that would allow me ultimate freedom and the ability to create a global impact

Now, I’m an International award-winning Certified Coach, Business Mentor and Revenue Growth Strategist and Speaker. 

And I want to help you do the same. 

 I’m focused on helping you unlock the trifecta of profit, passion, and purpose. Why? Because, I believe as Coaches, we have the ability to create huge transformation in the world, by living a life of contribution and helping people transform themselves from the inside, out. I want to make it easier for you to align with your  calling as a coach, so together, we can create a Global impact and build a legacy as we share our stories, our experiences and fulfil our purpose.

The Learning RoadMap

What You Can Expect Working With Me

  • A Crystal-Clear Coaching Niche: No more second-guessing who you serve or what you offer. You’ll have laser focus and a magnetic attraction for your ideal clients.
  • A Profitable Coaching Business: We’ll equip you with the tools, strategies, and mindset to create a sustainable business that aligns with your purpose and passion.
  • The Confidence to Coach with Impact: You’ll step into your role as a coach with unwavering confidence, ready to make a real difference in your clients’ lives.
  • An Irresistible Brand: You’ll learn how to stand out in a crowded market and attract clients who are excited to work with you.

This is just a taste of the transformation that awaits you. Our comprehensive curriculum covers everything you need to know to build and scale your dream coaching business.

Our Curriculum Includes:

When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.

Lao Tzu

A Community of Support and Growth
(No Need To Go It Alone)


Imagine having a tribe of like-minded coaches cheering you on, offering support, and celebrating your wins alongside you. At the Purpose-Driven Coach Academy, you’ll be surrounded by a vibrant community of coaches who are committed to growth, collaboration, and making a positive impact.

Here’s what you’ll gain inside of our Purpose-Driven Coach Community:

  • Accountability Partners: Stay motivated and on track with the support of fellow coaches.
  • Lifelong Friendships: Forge deep connections with like-minded individuals who understand your journey.
  • Amplified Opportunities: Collaborate, share ideas, and unlock new possibilities together.

Say goodbye to isolation and hello to a thriving community!

✅ The Purpose-Driven Coach Academy Is For

  • Aspiring Coaches who are ready to turn their coaching aspirations into a rewarding business.
  • Part-Time Coaches aiming to transition into full-time coaching careers with sustainable income.
  • Professionals in other fields seeking to leverage their expertise and experience to start a coaching business, helping others while monetizing their skills.

❌The Purpose-Driven Coach Academy Is NOT For

  • Individuals seeking a quick fix to make money without the commitment to personal and professional growth and alignment to purpose.
  • Coaches who are not open to continuous learning or adapting to new business strategies, techniques or methods.
  • Coaches who are already making a steady income of 1.5k+ per month from their coaching practice

What Makes The Purpose-Driven Academy Different?

Building a sustainable coaching business requires more than just passion; it demands proven strategies and the right mindset. Unlike programs offering overnight success, we will provide you with a step-by-step roadmap to build your business foundation, attract clients, and generate a steady income without adopting slimy sales tactics or slipping into strangers' DMs.

We believe in honesty, integrity and clarity from the onset. That’s why we openly discuss what you can realistically achieve with our program—detailing the effort required and the potential hurdles. There are no hidden costs or misleading upsells here, just a time investment which is met with our full support and dedication to your business success.

We stand firmly against the invasive 'hard-sell' tactics that can repel rather than attract clients. We teach you to see selling as serving—this mindset shift transforms how you approach marketing and sales. By focusing on genuinely serving your clients' needs, you naturally draw in your audience through the demonstration of real value and the establishment of trust.

Our approach not only aligns with our core values but also cultivates long-term, rewarding relationships that sustain and grow your business organically.

You Can Join The Academy in Just Three Easy Steps

Ready to turn your coaching dreams into reality?

Apply now to join us inside of The Purpose-Driven Coach Academy.

1. Choose Your Membership Level

2. Make your Investment & Apply

3. Onboarding and Access

Live a Life of Contribution Through Your Purpose-Driven Coaching Business

A percentage of every membership contributes toward Nyame Bekyere Christian School. A school in a rural village called Nyame Bekyere in Ghana, West Africa. The donations support the upkeep of the school and provides funds for equipment, clothing and stationary supplies for the children.

Ready To Join Us?
Choose Your Preferred Level

All membership levels include comprehensive monthly LIVE business mentoring sessions delivered by JJ, Our Award-winning, Certified Coach & Business Mentor.

Foundation 2.0

$ 0
Yep, this is for real, no hidden charges.
  • Monthly LIVE Mentoring RoundTable & Q&A
  • Access to ALL Mentoring RoundTable Replays
  • Supportive Like-Minded Coaching Community
  • Daily Business-Related Mindset & Inspirational Content

The Momentum

Minimum 3 Month Commitment
$ 49
Per Month

Explore the Benefits Inside Our Momentum 2.0 Level

   - Dive into our business-focused book club that offers more than just reading. Participate in on-the-spot hot seat mentoring and receive focused support to implement learnings from each business book, enhancing your practical understanding and application.

   - Join weekly co-working sessions focused on content strategy and creation. These clinics are designed to help you set aside dedicated time to develop and schedule your content, enhancing your visibility and engagement with your audience.

   - Enjoy complimentary access to bi-monthly bootcamps that are part of your membership (Saving you $47 per bootcamp and $99 per challenge). These extended sessions are designed to target specific areas and support you from providing understanding through to implementation to maximise your coaching business, providing you with practical strategies and solutions for enhancement. Whether you attend the bootcamp/challenges or not you gain all of the resources and trainings.

- Receive a 25% discount on all 1:1 business mentoring or life coaching sessions and programs as part of your membership. This exclusive benefit includes priority booking access, ensuring you can secure sessions at your convenience. Personalized support tailored to your unique needs will help you overcome challenges, refine strategies, and achieve your goals. Maximize your growth with this valuable member perk, saving you money while enhancing your coaching business and personal development.


Minimum 3 Month Commitment
$ 149
Per Month

Explore the Benefits Inside Our THRIVE Elite Level

   - Dive deep into strategic planning with our quarterly intensives. Receive support to plan out your quarterly business strategy and which sales to offer in order to achieve your lifestyle and financial goals and ensure your plans are aligned with your overall vision. These indispensable sessions will also support you to overcome obstacles, fine-tune your approach, propelling your coaching business to new heights.

   - Gain access to a private, text and audio support channel where you can reach out directly to me whenever you need guidance. You get to ask questions everyday , or as and when needed. This level of priority support ensures that help is always just a message away, helping you overcome both mindset and practical  challenges swiftly and effectively.

  - Access our comprehensive, self-paced stand alone business mentoring course that has successfully helped other coaches launch and grow their businesses. Packed with additional resources, this course equips you with the knowledge and tools needed to achieve coaching success.

  - Gain exclusive access to our extensive Purpose Accelerator private training library. This includes a wealth of masterclasses and intensive courses designed to help you launch and grow your coaching business. Some of our standout courses include "Fear’Less’: Unlocking The Possibility of Courage," "Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile for Success," and "BreakFree From Your Limiting Beliefs." Each course is valued at $77 individually, offering you a minimum of $2000 worth of premium content. The Thrive membership, at just $149 per month, provides you with incredible savings and unparalleled access to high-caliber training and resources. This is an irresistible opportunity to invest in your success and take your coaching business to new heights.

**Plus everything in The Momentum Level**

But That's Not All...

Unlock Exclusive Joining Bonuses When You Act Now!

I believe in rewarding action-takers and dream-chasers. That’s why I’ve decided to offer these high-impact bonuses that will without a doubt, enhance your experience and fast-track your success.

Check Out The Bonuses!

The Momentum Bonus

Ready, Set, Coach Business Essentials Mini-Course

Kickstart your path to becoming a purpose-driven coach with our ‘Ready, Set, Coach Business Essentials Course’. This course has mini-task videos, killer resources, and templates that don’t just get you ‘client-ready’—they elevate your entire approach. From perfecting your client agreement, onboarding, payment and scheduling systems, even down to rocking your discovery calls. This course is the ultimate ‘set up’ your coaching business needs.


THRIVE Elite Bonus



Exclusive 1:1 - The Nail-It Strategy Session (1 hour)

Available only to the first 10 Thrive Elite sign-ups. A 1:1 with me where I’ll delve into your business and strategize using my expertise and experience. We’ll tap into one main challenge you are facing and address a solution that will, set you up for intentional success. I’ll provide actionable advice and insights that you can implement immediately to see real results. This 1:1 session is a transformational experience designed to accelerate and enhance your business’s potential. 

You Got Questions?
I've Got Answers!

  • The Academy is open to aspiring, new, and part-time coaches dedicated to growing their coaching business but currently making less than 1.5k month from their coaching business. But anyone passionate about actively building a purpose-driven coaching business is welcome to join. 
  • Nope. Prior business experience is NOT necessary which why it is ideal for beginners or those transitioning from other fields into coaching, as well as new coaches, qualified or not. This is designed to help you grasp essential business skills and  elements of coaching may be introduced as they apply to mindset or building your coaching practice. You’ll also have opportunities to practice coaching or accumulate practice hours if you are undergoing certification. For more personalized and advanced guidance, our Thrive tier caters to those seeking deeper mentorship to accelerate their growth. 1:1 access is available separately. Please email my team for more information
  • I did…(I’m JJ), I wrote the programmes sharing my own knowledge and expertises as well as thousands of pounds worth of training. I’m a certified, ICF accredited, multi-award-wining Coach, Business Mentor & Corporate Consultant. The curriculum leverages my 16+ years in legal finance and revenue management, where I was responsible for developing revenue strategies generating multi-8-figure returns. This expertise, combined with my experience running a successful coaching and consulting business, informs a curriculum grounded in practical, proven business principles tailored to coaching.
  • It depends! If you do not intend to invest time actively building a coaching business, this won’t work for you But, if building your coaching business is a priority to you, then this is for YOU. The Academy is designed to accommodate professionals, and parents, with busy schedules as well as those who may be neurodivergent with different learning styles. Content is delivered in manageable segments, and you can engage at your own pace. If you miss LIVE sessions, the replay is available. Community support and resources are available 24/7 inside of the community, ensuring you can fit your learning around your commitments.

Any more questions? Email my team at

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