7 Ways Black Women Can Slay Imposter Syndrome & Step into their THRIVE ZONE‚ú®

A Complimentary Interactive MasterClass To Help You Kick Imposter Syndrome Into The Past, So Your Future Is Reserved For THRIVING!

What You Will Learn:

The Elusive 3rd Phase

You will learn about the common 2 phases of life which we often get stuck in and identify where you might be in your journey and what you need to focus on to get to the illusive 3rd phase.

Imposter Characteristics

Learn about the different imposter characteristics, and how they show up in your life, and the impact that lack of diversity and representation in the workplace has on Black women.

Self-Coach & THRIVE

Learn valuable self-coaching techniques to help you overcome imposter syndrome and maintain a forward momentum instead of feeling like an imposter and self-sabotaging your success and growth.

Ready To Slay
Imposter Syndrome?

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