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Ready To Accelerate Your Purpose?

I am a big believer in living a life of contribution and adding value to the world...

 I also believe, in one way or another, everything is connected and we may never be aware of the true impact we create by way of our individual legacies. 

One legacy that I intend to leave behind is one that I helped people to start and grow purpose-driven businesses that change the world. This is something I want to be known for. But more than that, as an entrepreneur, I see it as a responsibility to create something that solves a problem and brings about positive change in the world. This is how we walk in our purpose. 

If you are looking to accelerate your purpose, join the waitlist below and you will be contacted in January ahead of the 2023 cohort where you can apply and have an opportunity to totally transform your life and build, or grow your legacy.

What You Can Expect Inside The Programme

How do you know if this programme is or you? 

It’s Likely you’ve been thinking about creating something of your own that you can use to help other people with but maybe you…

  • Didn’t know where to start
  • Had too many ideas and couldn’t decide
  • Little/No experience in business or in the corporate arena
  • Unsure of market demand, or how to separate yourself from the competition
  • Unsure of yourself, and your abilities. You lack self-confidence and self-belief

Well, what I can say is, if the above sounds like you, and you check off the list then this is FOR YOU! 

Join The Purpose Accelerator 2023 Cohort
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This programme will help you…

  • Explore ideas and make strategic purpose driven decisions
  • Feel Confident, empowered and accomplished
  • Create a no brainer offer, and understand how to attract clients

What You Can Expect Inside The Programme



This module is about YOUR WHY.

With a strong focus on mindset and understanding your belief and value system, this module will help you to get into a place where you visualise your dream and uncover the TRUE importance behind it.

We will tap into who you are and why you do what you do in order to find your WHY which will be the anchor to keep you on track when things get challenging. Only when you truly connect with your WHY, will you be courageous enough to bring to life your purpose-driven business. 

**VIP MEMBERS get access to The ReDesign Your Beliefs Workshop and LIVE Q&A session**



This module is where you focus on the WHAT. We will look at what you wish to do and assess the different ways your purpose can become another person’s solution, to make sure you are tapping into the method which most aligns with your purpose… and your profit! Here, you will look at viable options, and explore ideas, opportunities, and, possibilities that align with who you are at your core.

Putting the ‘WHY’ and the ‘WHAT’ together we will identify the different ways you can operate in your purpose to become The Solution

Using your purpose to provide a solution requires a lot of courage. This module will help you to step right into it and begin to build up momentum.

Everyone will be allocated to an accountability support hub.

**VIP Members get access to The Courage Catalyst MasterClass**



The EMPOWERMENT module focuses on ‘THE WHO’.  Here we will get really clear on who your ideal client is, the problem you intend to solve for them, and how to connect your purpose to your ideal client. 

You will understand how to speak power into your purpose by sharing your story in a way that will also help your ideal client to connect with you and your power.

In this module, you will learn a very powerful tool to help you identify your USP – Unique Selling Proposition so you know just how you stand out so your ideal clients, ‘THE WHO’, can find you.



This module is where you will focus on identifying your money beliefs and repairing relationships with money to avoid negative attachments that will limit your financial success. 

You will delve into understanding the Scarcity V Abundance mentality and how to make the switch. You will also learn the Key Principles for a healthy money mindset as well as how to set money goals

You will be ready to consider ‘MONEY’ in your business. You will learn about different pricing models, and the different considerations needed before setting your price point, and how to begin pricing as a ‘newbie’. 

Everyone will have access to the 30 Days Money Mindset Affirmations Workbook.



Here you start to get down to the nitty-gritty as this module will focus on ‘THE HOW’. You will begin to put all the pieces together and consider your platform. Where will you show up… and HOW! You will understand why and when people buy. Looking back at your solution and underpinning it with ‘YOUR WHY’

Now you will begin to refine your offer and ensure it meets all of the considerations and has all of the elements to become a ‘NO BRAINER OFFER’, followed by The Key Elements of running a discovery call including how to handle buying objections with integrity.

You will have an opportunity to do role play within your Accountability Hubs.

**VIP Members have access to a LIVE objections Handling Workshop**




The final module is focused on ‘THE WHEN’ and ‘THE WIN’.

THE WHEN -Setting goals & targets to stay accountable with ongoing access to the support group and bi-weekly Q&A sessions.

THE WIN – Putting everything into action you will be given a challenge that will help bring about an immediate growth spurt for you.

But… there’s more.

  • You will have Pitching Practice
  • Tips & Techniques to improve your public speaking 
  • HotSpot Opportunities

When you take action, the result is always growth. Here you will learn how to stay in the growth zone.

You will stand firmly in your purpose with confidence and excitement as you step into your THRIVE ZONE.

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