Release, Replenish, Reinvent

This 6 week intimate group coaching programme is for high functioning women, ready to release what is no longer serving you, replenish your mind and spirit, and reinvent yourself for a future filled with Courage, Confidence, and Fulfillment.

Grab your spot for $777 $189 We start 14th August


Let Me Guess...

You’re a highly motivated, high functioning woman who is used operating at a high level and pushing boundaries to get things done. 

But here’s the thing. You have a tendency to overlook your own needs, you push so hard, you’re almost running on empty, but you have no idea how to slow down without feeling like you’re not doing enough. When things are operating at the pace you recognise, you feel like you’re failing. You give a lot, you desire to help others, but you never seem to get it back in return and you’re feeling depleted, run down, and worn out. 

You’re so ready to choose yourself, and live a fulfilling, empowered and confident life, in alignment with your passion, and your purpose, you just haven’t yet figured out how.

If this sounds like you… Stop. Take a deep breath.

Now, it’s time to… 


You're in the right place!

Picture yourself...

Embodying a softer lifestyle and knowing you deserve it

Waking up smiling every day and honouring your own needs

Having headspace and confidence to go after your dreams and live your purpose

Embracing a lifestyle that fuels your ultimate desires and gives you peace of mind

Close your eyes for a second and really visualise it...

Feels great doesn't it!

Well, all of this exists for you, you just haven't claimed it yet.

Maybe you've tried, or maybe you don't even believe it's for you.

But deep down, you can feel it, there's a version inside of you just waiting to come out and radiate confidence and self-assurance, prioritise and invest in your holistic wellbeing, and walk in total alignment with the ability to have healthy relationships, a fulfilling lifestyle and connect to your inner peace.

EXHALE will give you clarity on where you are right now in your life and help you unleash that spark deep within, with the courage to let go of what doesn't serve or support you. You will be given the tools to reinvent yourself to meet the version of you that is ready to THRIVE!

The EXHALE programme, will reveal frameworks and strategies to navigate 5 key areas in your life:

Self-doubt and fear leading to imposter syndrome and procrastination

Financial pressures negatively impacting your wellbeing

Lack of confidence hindering your personal and professional progression

Unfulfillment due to uncertainty and not living with passion and purpose

Stress and overwhelm due to time pressures, people pleasing & constant busy'ness'

You will be guided step-by-step on how to
Release, Replenish & Reinvent your life in alignment with your purpose.

What to expect...

The Facebook group will open on Saturday 16th August and I will be there to greet you and welcome you to the community. I will be there on Sunday to answer any questions and help you focus on what you want to get out of the programme with some mindset support.

We officially kick off the LIVE programme on Monday and you will have access to the resources, allowing you to work at your own pace and join me for the LIVE sessions (or you can watch the replays).

Over the course of six transformative weeks, we will dive deep into the essential areas of your life. You will be taking action and seeing immediate progress and transformation, which will make you feel empowered and courageous so you can reclaim whats rightfully yours and rewrite your narrative .

You will by guided through proven strategies and frameworks and given tools and resources that will soothe your soul and give you space to breathe.

"Release, Replenish, Renew.

The essence of EXHALE is release, replenish and reinvent. Like breathing, when you exhale, you create space to inhale the goodness which your body needs to survive.

The EXHALE programme Is about shedding the baggage of outdated beliefs, habits and mindsets and focusing on what’s really important, letting go of what no longer serves or supports you. You cannot inhale the good oxygen you need until you have exhaled the used air and created space.

This programme will create space in your life to inhale and experience abundance, growth, empowerment, and alignment with your purpose

Your journey to transformation starts with a simple, EXHALE."

Once you've completed EXHALE you will...

Be equipped with the tools and strategies to master time management, shedding the burden of constant busyness and people-pleasing.

Embrace the freedom to prioritise what truly matters, and witness as your life becomes a masterpiece of balance, joy, and peace.

You will recognise the incredible potential within yourself, releasing the barriers that have held you back, and embracing a new sense of self-worth and empowerment.

Replace the financial pressures that weighed heavily on you with empowering strategies giving you financial control on with focus on abundance mindset.

You will experience clarity and direction, where every step you take is grounded in authenticity and fulfillment.

So, if you're desire is to let go of the stress, the energy drainers and negative self-talk and end this year living softer and more abundant life.

Now is the time to put it into action, together!

Here's How It's Going Down

Week 1 - Your Time

Learn how to prioritise, set boundaries, and optimise your time to achieve maximum productivity and fulfillment. Say goodbye to overwhelm and hello to a life of purposeful action and saying 'yes' to you.

Week 2 - Your Finances

Develop the confidence and personal power to take control of your finances. Embrace an abundance mindset that will position you to free yourself from the constraints of lack & money stress.

Week 3 - Your Mindset

Unleash the power of positive habitual thinking and break free from self-sabotaging thought patterns and negative self-talk by creating empowering routines that support and nurture your personal growth.

Week 4 - Your Practice

Prioritise your well-being and create a self-care practice that nourishes your mind, body, & soul.
Cultivate a deeper sense of love, self-compassion, and inner peace that allows you to EXHALE.

Week 5 - Your Cadence

Discover how to create harmony and balance in all areas of your life. Find alignment between work, relationships, self-care, and personal passions, allowing you to live a fulfilling and purpose-driven life.

Week 6 The Grand Finale

We end the programme with an interactive workshop, recognition ceremony, prizes and a big announcement 🎉

This is for you if...

Choosing to stay in survival mode is like putting a cardboard box in the middle of a mansion and deciding to live and stay inside the box. Once you let go of the things keeping you stuck, your world begins to open, and opportunities start to come toward you, but you only have room to receive them when you... EXHALE!

I know, because that was my life.

So, who am I?

I'm JJ, International Certified & Accredited Life, Career & Confidence Coach


I‘ve reached a season in my life that I didn’t imagine was possible for me.

I spent so much of my life living and operating from a place of survival and scarcity, having gone through a cycle of emotional and physical abuse and then burning out from my corporate job. I survived that and then spent years just trying to keep myself safe, and protected from experiencing any more pain, any more hurt, any more trauma and it made my life so small. It felt impossible to get myself out of the new survival cycle I had created for myself. I felt lonely, unfulfilled and lost. I was ready to give up on myself. I almost did. But it was in that dark time that I was forced to ask myself a question…

Why would anyone choose me when I've never even chosen myself?

This question caused me to change my life. I decided to show up for myself and make a decision to choose myself everyday, and I realised it allowed me to make healthier decisions for my life and everyone benefited. I created a framework to help me understand what choosing yourself really meant, not just to me, but also to other women. It all started when I exhaled and decided to release, replenish and reinvent my life. This framework helped me let go of behaviours and mindsets that were keeping me stuck, unfulfilled and in scarcity. The framework led me to get my health and personal power back. I reinvented my life and now, I have more time, location and financial freedom than I’ve ever had. I’m totally in love with my life and it is still getting better every day.  Are you ready to release, replenish and reinvent your life? It’s time to EXHALE!

I can't wait to share my proven framework with you, so you can master the art of setting healthy boundaries, maintaining an abundance mindset, protecting your peace, increasing your time and enjoying more balance in your life.

You will leave programme, feeling energised, empowered and equipped with the practical tools, resources and mindset reframes that can transition your life from a place of surviving, to a place of THRIVING with courage and confidence to step into your purpose.

Before you experience thriving, you first need to take stock of where you are in your life, make a decision to move forward, and EXHALE as you begin to take action.

Once you do, it will transform your experience of life. Ready?


Action Bonus

This is your bonus for taking action and joining the programme. A step toward kicking procrastinations BUTT! 

How To Prioritise Your Tasks (Value $149)

This course will help you to take your million ideas and narrow your focus to support you with combating overwhelm and inaction. *Includes Workbook


For Those Who Want The Soft Life

All Included (Value $849)


Choose Which 1:1 Support Best Suits Your Needs
(Value $500)

1:1 Career Coaching

A 60 minute career coaching session, with an award-winning, Certified and ICF Accredited Career Coach where we focus on any aspect of your career. With the benefit of excellent coaching tools, used to support executives in Global organisations, for sure, the GameChanger Career Coaching session will transform the way you see and operate in your career!

1:1 Goals & Action Plan

A 60 minute focused session with an award-winning, Certified and ICF Accredited Career Coach and Business mentor. You will be completely supported and guided to effectively outline your goals and break them down into small milestones as well as mapping out an action plan.This is just what you need if procrastination, perfectionism and overwhelm usually holds you back from achieving your desired goals!

1:1 Business Mentoring

The purpose accelerator business mentoring is responsible for multiple businesses starting in 2022 and 2023. Ideally for those who are either hoping to go into coaching or consulting and for those who are already in this field and need support with expanding their offers, creating additional revenue streams or just need to run a business idea past an expert, this 60 minute business mentoring session is for you!

Are you ready to go ALL-IN on your business dreams?


My most popular 1-1 mentoring package for those looking to are All-In on their purpose-driven entrepreneurial journey.

A 3-Month incubator where we work closely together to create your dream business, or inject revenue streams into your existing business. Imagine having a strategic thinking partner that is with you every step of the way, ready to brainstorm, answer questions, provide accountability, share a listening ear and deliver solution based methods with tried and tested experience and expertise. With 16+ years experience creating revenue strategies for the largest law firms in the world, my revenue driving brain can do wonders when it comes to creating offers for your business as well as identifying angles causing you a oss and boosting income with additional revenue stream ideas.

$3700, ($300 off the usual price) paid in full or with flexible payment instalments installments.

Email team@couragewithjj.com for payment plan details

Join The EXHALE Life Transformation Programme

Programme Investment
$99 Early Birds on or before 6th August
$189 From 7th August
VIP $699

Choose your plan

The Standard

$ 189
  • ✔︎ Direct Access to Certified, Accredited Life, Career & Confidence Coach
  • ✔︎ Weekly MasterClasses on Zoom with Q&A and On the spot coaching support
  • ✔︎ Weekly bitesize training video with workbook
  • ✔︎ Reflection journal and daily affirmations
  • ✔︎ Weekly Community Accountability and Goal Clarification Sessions

The Soft Life

*Only 10 Spots Available
$ 699
  • ✔︎ Everything in Standard
  • ✔︎ Private Voxer Group Support - Personalised Support
  • ✔︎ Goal Setting & Vision Board Workshop
  • ✔︎ 6 Week Access to GROWTH, Self-healing and Personal Growth BookClub
  • ✔︎ 1:1 Session with JJ to focus on Business, Career, Mindset or Goal Setting


*Only 1 Spot Available
$ 4399
  • ✔︎ Everything in Soft Life
  • ✔︎ 3 Month ALL-IN Business Incubator
  • ✔︎ 1 x 1hr KickStart Call
  • ✔︎ 2 x 2hr Strategy & Planning Call a Month
  • ✔︎ Weekly Accountability Check-in
  • ✔︎ 2 Critical Care Sessions
  • ✔︎ Access to free professional website build
  • ✔︎ Access to done-for-you support and resources
  • ✔︎ 3 month access to my inner circle membership
1 spot only

You're about to have a transformative Experience
...But Don't Just Take My Word For It

You Got Questions?
I Got Answers!

The EXHALE program is a 6-week transformative journey designed to help you clear your mental and emotional clutter, set meaningful goals, and create an action plan to achieve them. It includes regular coaching sessions, workbook exercises, and accountability follow-ups, guiding you to break through your barriers and step into your fullest potential.

The EXHALE program is designed to be flexible and can be tailored to fit your busy schedule. However, for maximum benefit, you should be ready to commit a couple of hours each week to attend the weekly LIVE sessin (or watch the replay), to do the weekly tasks and engage in the accountability sessions, and self-reflection so you can experience maximum transformation over the 6 week period.

We understand that life happens. Don’t sweat it, there are replays. You will, have access to the replays. I know this is holiday season, but since the programme is running for 6 weeks you will. have time catch up. All of the sessions will be accessible in one place called the catchup page.

There are 5 pre-recorded mini-trainings (approx 15 min long) which will deliver your weekly task and your workbook. Your tasks will require you to take an action which will create a transformation. There will be 6 LIVE MasterClasses/ Interactive Workshops. There will also be LIVE accountability sessions and engagement in the Facebook group.

The EXHALE program is designed around JJ’s unique coaching approach, honed from years of experience and centered around values of courage, self-empowerment, action, and growth. This program not only helps you set and achieve goals, but it also guides you to transform your mindset and break free from constraints holding you back. This programme is predicated on progress and action taking which means transformation is inevitable as long as you fully engage and are willing to do the work to achieve your breakthrough.

We're Not Here To Just To Survive, We're Here To THRIVE!

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