Exhale & All-In Business Incubator


My most popular 1-1 mentoring package for those looking to go all-in on their purpose-driven entrepreneurial journey.

A 3-Month incubator where we work closely together to create your dream business, or inject revenue streams into your existing business. My revenue driving brain can do wonders when it comes to creating offers for your business! 

Modes of delivery are Zoom & Voxer/Whatsapp Office Hours. Book a consultation for more details and a tailored incubation plan.

  • 1 x 1hr KickStart Call: Get to know you, your desires, your dreams and your fears and set initial goals.
  • 2 x 2hr Strategy & Planning Call a Month: Review Progress, advise next steps and map out a guide to provide clarity and to lead to your goal, giving clear direction with focus on self-care & downtime, and workbooks/resources/included/systems support.
  • Weekly Accountability Checkin: Voxer or email exchanges to touch base and confirm where you are, e.g. Are you on track? Need to reevaluate goals? Do you need steering onto the right path or advice?
  • 2 Critical Care Sessions: Access to two 30 minute ‘ad- hoc’ sessions for those freakout or burnout moments we experience as entrepreneurs when things don’t go as planned and you need a call outside of or in addition to, the planned sessions, or someone to celebrate your wins and hard work with!

**Includes Community Level access to the Black Woman, THRIVE or The CQ Academy membership for the incubator duration, with workbooks and resources.**

And you experience the Soft Life VIP level of the EXHALE programme which means you get:

✨ 6 Week Life Transformation Programme starting August 14th 2023 – Group Programme Officially Closing 30th September

✨ Weekly bitesize training videos with workbooks

✨ Reflection journal and daily affirmations

✨ Community Accountability Sessions

✨ Supportive community of like minded women

✨ Private Voxer Group Support – Personalised

✨ Goal setting & Vision Board Workshop

✨ 6 Week access to self-healing & personal growth bookclub

Your Choice of:

✨ 1:1 BreakThrough session (Career or Business Support), or

✨ 1:1 Action Accountability Session

Original price was: $4,699.00.Current price is: $4,399.00.

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