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Multi-Award Winning, Certified & ICF Accredited Coach, Facilitator & Business Mentor

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Hi, I'm JJ

I’m a multi-award-winning, certified, and ICF-accredited Coach, Business Mentor and Corporate Facilitator. I work with both individuals and organisational leaders and my diverse professional journey is unified by a single goal: to help people THRIVE in their businesses, careers, and personal lives. 


Here's How I Can Support You

As your dedicated Career and Leadership Transition Coach, my services provide you with a catalyst for unleashing courageous confidence, aligning career ambitions with personal and professional goals. I help to develop Inclusive and empathetic leadership skills. I offer workshops and coaching on the following areas: Personal Branding for Corporate Executives and Leaders, Career transitions at the top of the ladder, Building trust with stakeholders through leadership language, Evicting Imposter Syndrome, Building Influential Stakeholder relationships, and more. The aim is to help you be your most confident selves and create  purpose-driven career paths so you can show up, and THRIVE!

Ready to take the leap into entreprenuership? Whether it is to create additional income or to step away from the 9-5 hustle, my programmes will help you find a different level of freedom. One where you recognise and monetise your expertise, knowledge and passions to build a purpose driven business as a coach or consultant and thought leader to work with B2B or B2C Clients.  I've supported many leaders with this courageous transition, it is where you really see what you are made of. With a range of 1:1 Strategic Mentoring services, self-study courses, masterclasses, and resources, together, we will create a business that allows you to THRIVE.

I deliver bespoke,  solution-focused, facilitated workshops and 'lunch & learn' masterclasses to help organisations cultivate an equitable, inclusive work culture. I also deliver sessions that cover: The meaning and evidence of an Anti-racist workplace, Becoming Effective Advocates, Overcoming the fear of talking about race in the workplace, and more. My programmes include holistic approaches that drive meaningful change so your people can THRIVE.


My experience in the corporate world working throughout the UK, Middle East and Asia, specialising in writing revenue-driving strategies, leading multiple teams, supporting and advising the most senior of stakeholders from C+ Suite, Managing and Equity Partners, Heads of Departments and such, for world’s largest law firms for over 16 years. My expertise in strategy, inclusion and life transformation has fueled numerous successful career and life transitions, increased the number of business start & scale ups and created inclusive work cultures. I’m pretty proud of that!

I blend my certified expertise with my lived experience, channelling my passion into my work and facilitating the most courageous  conversations and transformations. 

I love what I do, and I have the pleasure of working with truly amazing individuals and organisations who display the courage and resilience to commit to seeing initiatives through, challenge the status quo, and transform mindsets, strategies and company cultures to ultimately thrive.

I’ve had the honour and pleasure of facilitating over 300 virtual and in-person (B2B & B2C) events, and speaking engagements across the UK, USA, Africa, and UAE, captivating audiences of up to 2,000+ people.

My personal experiences with adversity have shaped me into an advocate for change, especially for those often unheard or underrepresented. I believe in the power of courage as a catalyst for confidence, purpose, and growth.


Looking for a Dynamic Corporate Trainer and Facilitator?

Hear from Erica Sosna, Founder of Career Matters and creator of The Career Equation

Certified as a Career Matters Facilitator and Coach, I have had the honour of working with Erica Sosna and Career Matters since 2021

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Living by the mantra “I never lose. I either win or learn.” a powerful quote by Nelson Mandela, I’m dedicated to helping everyone leverage their lived experienced to transcend barriers and achieve personal and professional success and fulfilment.

I believe we were all created to THRIVE.


What My Clients Say About Working With Me

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.

Albert Einstein

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