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Bridging Expertise to Cultivate Organisational Breakthroughs in Anti-Racism.

Courage to Transform: An Appreciative Inquiry Service

Are you committed to moving the needle in dismantling institutionalised racism in the workplace? Are you known among your competitors and peers for leading the way in creating impactful change? 

This program is created for organisations like yours – those who see beyond the horizon and are ready to pave new paths in anti-racism and deeply enhance their diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives by strengthing the foundation it’s created upon.

Your decision to take this next step is what differentiates you as part of a select group of visionary leaders, dedicated to creating lasting, positive change. A far cry from just ticking boxes.

The Challenges You're Facing: Acknowledging the Reality

In your pursuit of a more inclusive and equitable organisation, you’ve likely encountered significant hurdles. It’s a journey fraught with complexities and challenges that demand more than just surface-level solutions.

Despite well-intentioned initiatives, your efforts in anti-racism may not have penetrated as deeply as needed. These attempts, while noble, may have only scratched the surface, failing to resonate across all levels of your organisation.

You're not just seeking temporary fixes; you're committed to embedding true inclusivity and equity into the very fabric of your organisation. It's about creating lasting change that goes beyond mere policy adjustments and touches the lives of every individual in your workplace.

In a world that seems ever more divided, the urgency of building bridges and fostering unity within your team is paramount. The challenge lies in transforming diversity from a statistic into a lived, celebrated experience.

Tackling systemic racism requires more than good intentions – it demands a strategic, insightful, and deeply empathetic approach. It's about understanding the nuances of institutionalised racism and actively working to dismantle these barriers.

Your organisation stands at a pivotal moment, ready to transition from passive support to active advocacy in the fight against racial inequity. This is about stepping up as a beacon of hope and progress, demonstrating to the world that meaningful change is possible.

In recognising these challenges, you’re taking the first crucial step towards transformation. It’s about acknowledging the complexities of the journey ahead while remaining steadfast in your commitment to creating an environment where every voice is valued, every perspective is respected, and every individual can thrive.

A Balanced, Holistic Approach

This unique programme transcends traditional approaches as we strike a delicate balance, focusing on what’s working well within your organisation while also addressing areas that would benefit from improvement. By identifying and celebrating your existing strengths and efforts made in diversity and inclusivity, we create a positive foundation upon which to build more comprehensive strategies.

The aim is to nurture an environment where anti-racism, inclusion and equity are woven into the very fabric of your organisational culture. We delve deep to uncover the hidden gems within your organisation – those practices and policies that are often unnoticed or underutilised.

Simultaneously, our collaborative team of experts brings a 360-degree perspective, ensuring no stone is left unturned. We recognise that addressing what isn’t working is as crucial as building on what is. This dual approach allows us to develop forward-thinking strategies that are both affirming and corrective.

Through this balanced methodology, we provide a comprehensive solution-focused approach. Our aim is to set a standard that creates a ripple effect of positive change throughout your entire organisation.

Our Collaborative Synergy
Uniting Diverse Expertise for Change

The collaborative partnership spans Anti-Racism Consulting, Business Operations, Project Management, HR, and Racial Trauma CBT and Psychotherapy – bringing a multifaceted perspective to your organisation’s needs. This collaboration is groundbreaking, ensuring that every angle of your anti-racism strategy, EDI Initiatives, processes or policies are meticulously crafted and empathetically executed. It’s a blend of expertise that’s rare yet crucial for a holistic and effective transformation.


This unique collaboration brings together our diverse expertise, ensuring that every aspect of your journey towards anti-racism is supported, guiding your organisation towards lasting success.

Doreen Powell

Mind Matters Therapy
BABCP Accredited CBT, Psychotherapist

Bukola Balogun

Chief Experience Architect, HR & Cultural Development Consultant

Nett Mitchell

Ability Business Group
Business Operations & Project Management Consultant,

The 4D Process -
Building on Positivity

Discover Phase

This is the starting point where the focus is on identifying what is currently working well in the organisation. It involves recognising and appreciating the existing strengths, successes, and positive aspects of the organisational culture.


This initial phase is all about uncovering and appreciating what's already working well within your organisation. It involves identifying the strengths, successes, and values that currently exist and have contributed to positive outcomes in the past.


Through interviews, surveys, and discussions, the collaborative team gathers insights from various levels within your organisation. This phase focuses on highlighting positive experiences and practices, fostering a sense of pride and achievement among employees.


The result is a comprehensive understanding of the organisation's core strengths. This collective awareness forms a solid foundation for envisioning future progress, setting the stage for a constructive and optimistic approach to change.

Dream Phase

Building on the insights gained from the Discover phase, the Dream phase involves envisioning an ideal future. Participants are encouraged to imagine the best possible outcomes for the organisation, especially in terms of diversity, equity, and inclusion.


In the Dream phase, the goal is to envision an aspirational future for the organisation where the principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion are fully realised. It's about imagining what your organisation could achieve and how it would look and feel in an ideal scenario where inclusivity is embedded in every aspect.


Utilising the strengths identified in the Discover phase, participants are encouraged to think creatively and ambitiously about potential improvements and innovations. Workshops and brainstorming sessions led by the collaborative team facilitate this envisioning process, guiding participants to think beyond current limitations.


The culmination of the Dream phase is a shared vision for the future of the organisation. This vision is a carefully crafted and collectively endorsed blueprint that informs the subsequent design of actionable strategies in the next phase.

Design Phase

This phase is about turning the aspirations and ideas from the Dream phase into tangible strategies and plans. It involves collaboratively designing actionable steps and initiatives that will help the organisation move towards its envisioned future.


The Design phase focuses on turning the aspirational vision crafted in the Dream phase into a concrete, actionable strategy. This phase is about addressing both the strengths and the gaps identified earlier to create a comprehensive plan for change.


Collaborative workshops and strategy sessions are used to develop specific initiatives and policies. The diverse team collaborates to ensure that all aspects of the organisation's functioning are considered, from internal processes to external interactions, ensuring that the strategies are holistic and inclusive.


The result is a detailed action plan that outlines the steps the organisation will take to achieve its envisioned future. This plan includes timelines, responsibilities, and resources needed, providing a clear roadmap for the implementation phase.

Destiny Phase

Finally, the Destiny phase is where the plans and strategies developed in the Design phase are implemented. This phase focuses on the practical application and embedding of these changes into the organisation’s everyday practices and culture.


In the Destiny phase, the focus is on living out the newly designed strategies and making them a part of the organisational culture. It's about actualising the dream and ensuring that the changes are sustainable and integrated into everyday practices.


The action plan developed in the Design phase is put into effect. This involves continuous application, monitoring, and tweaking of strategies as necessary. The collaborative team supports the organisation in this phase, providing guidance and adjustments based on feedback and outcomes.


The outcome is a transformed organisation where the principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion are built on the foundations of anti-racism and are actively practised and experienced. This phase ensures that the changes made are deeply rooted and become a natural part of the organisation's identity.

Are You Ready to Lead the Charge?

As you contemplate the next steps in your organisation’s journey towards racial equity, consider this programme not just as a choice, but as a commitment to meaningful, purposeful action. Engaging with our collaborative team is a proactive move towards dismantling the deep-rooted structures of institutionalised racism that persist in workplaces.

This programme is your organisation’s opportunity to be at the vanguard of transformative change. It’s about moving beyond acknowledgement and into action, from non-racist to anti-racist, ensuring that your efforts to promote diversity and inclusion lead to tangible, positive outcomes. By choosing to embark on this journey, your organisation is not only addressing the challenges of today but is actively shaping a more equitable future for all.

Are you ready to make this purposeful impact? To start moving the needle on dismantling institutionalised racism and creating a workplace where equity is woven into every thread of your organisational fabric? If so, I invite you to book a call with me today.

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