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A Safe Space for Real-Time Support and Empowerment for Members of the Global Majority, EDI Executives and Champions

Call A Sista Service

Are you navigating challenges in your work environment for yourself, or a colleague, surrounding anti-racism, or discrimination in the areas of culture, ethnicity, race or neurodiversity? 

I get it, I’ve been there and I know how hard it is. Sometimes you feel defeated, angry, and exhausted. 

Whether you are grappling with microaggressions, systemic barriers, and a lack of representation which is causing stress, overworking and, imposter syndrome, it’s time to call a sista! 

This is your opportunity to take a minute to ask for help before you get trapped on the road leading you to burnout and racial trauma!

You’re not alone, and immediate help is here, in the form of a 15 minute call for fast support.

Why 'Call a Sista Fridays'?

The emotional and psychological toll of navigating systemic barriers can be overwhelming for members of the global majority. This experience is often exacerbated by microaggressions, lack of representation, and other forms of workplace discrimination yes, there is often no one to talk to about it. No safe spaces to exhale and regroup. 

EDI Executives and Allies, or as I prefer to call them, “supporters,” are not exempt from this emotional frustration as they strive to advocate for a more equitable work environment. The “Call a Sista” service is often so much more than just a call; it’s a lifeline. 

Don’t wait until you are fully depleted and burnt out before you ask for help! 

Emotional Labour
Pschological Safety
Physical Energy
Racial Trauma & Burn out

Why 'Call a Sista Fridays'?

The Need for a Safe Space

Work places often lack safe spaces where you can express your frustrations, seek advice, or simply vent without judgment. “Call a Sista” fills this gap by providing a confidential, empathetic environment where you can offload, get clarity, and request support…and still get back to work ‘on-time’!

The Power of Empathetic Listening

Sometimes, you need fast solutions; and other times, you just need to be heard. This service offers you 15 minutes of undivided attention from someone who understands the unique challenges you face, validating your experiences and feelings and helping you to stay in alignment with your personal power.

Expert Guidance

I specialise in creating workplace boundaries that will help you regain your footing and reposition yourself in challenging workplace environments. If boundaries are what you need, I can help you with that. You’ll receive immediate, actionable tips and strategies to help you recalibrate and reclaim your power with clarity and confidence.

Want to learn how to set boundaries in the workplace as a Black woman?

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When to use the service and who its for

  • Feeling Overwhelmed? Are you an EDI executive who’s overwhelmed by the resistance you face in implementing diversity initiatives?

  • Need to Vent? Are you from a racialised community and have experienced a microaggression that you can’t shake off and need a safe space to vent?

  • Seeking Clarity? Are you a “Supporter”, AKA Ally, confused about how to support a colleague who has been discriminated against?

  • Looking for Support? Are you a member of the global majority feeling isolated and in need of strategies to cope with workplace discrimination?

  • Experiencing Racial Trauma? Have you just encountered a racist incident and are grappling with how to respond? Whether it’s overt racism or a more insidious form, this service provides immediate emotional support and practical advice on how to handle the situation.

Example Scenarios


  1. Scenario One: You’re the only person of colour in an executive meeting, and your ideas are constantly overlooked or attributed to someone else. You’re feeling frustrated, and both invisible and hyper-visible at the same time. You want this to stop, but not sure how.

  2. Scenario Two: You’re an EDI executive, and your proposals for diversity training are met with eye-rolls and passive resistance. Please seem to be D&I ‘fatigued’. You’re questioning your impact and need strategies to push forward and reboot momentum.

  3. Scenario Three: You’re a “supporter” who witnessed a colleague being subjected to a racially insensitive comment. You want to take action but are unsure how to approach the situation without escalating it.

How "Call a Sista Fridays" Works: Your Journey to Empowerment in 5 Simple Steps

 Here’s how to get started:

Choose between a 1:1 call for personalised guidance or a group call for collective support and shared experiences.

Reserve a 15-minute time slot for your Zoom call. Whether it’s a 1:1 or a group session, we’ve got you covered.

After booking, you’ll receive a ‘Thank You’ page with notes to help you mentally prepare for the call. Take a moment to read through and set your intentions.

Log into the Zoom call at your booked time. Share your challenges, let off steam, and receive expert advice tailored to you.

After the call, take some time to reflect on the insights gained and the advice received. Use this newfound clarity to take your immediate next step with confidence.

You Will Leave Empowered: You’ll end the call feeling less burdened, with a sense of release and clarity on your immediate next step.

Service Details

1:1 Calls: Fridays, 12 pm – 1 pm UK time (4 am – 5 am PST, 7 am – 8 am EST)

Group Calls: Fridays, 1 pm – 2 pm UK time (5 am – 6 am PST, 8 am – 9 am EST)

Extended Support: “Sistahood Soul Session” available for £197(Approx. $250 USD)

Hey, JJ Here,

If you’re reading this, it’s likely because you’ve felt the weight of the world on your shoulders recently, as you navigate the complexities of the working in a system that is not set up for people who look like us, or the people you are supporting. Well, not yet at least!. I want you to know, first and foremost, you’re not alone. I’ve been where you are, and I’ve felt what you’re feeling.

As a Black woman with over 16 years of corporate experience in the legal industry, and working in the EDI space, I’ve faced the microaggressions, the systemic barriers, and the emotional toll that it all takes on your spirit. I’ve been the “only one” in the room, in the team, in the office, more times than I can count, and I’ve had to navigate spaces that were not designed with me in mind.

But here’s what I’ve also learned: We are stronger together. Sometimes, all it takes to ease that weight is a conversation with someone who gets it. Someone who can offer not just sympathy but empathy. Someone who can provide not just generic advice but structured, real-time coaching that comes from a place of understanding, lived experience and certified expertise.

That’s why I’ve created “Call a Sister Fridays.” This is our a space, non-judgemental. A space where you can let off steam, gain structured support, and receive real-time coaching and advice. A space where you can be unapologetically you, without the fear of judgement. It’s your 15 minute ‘down time’.

So, if you’re feeling overwhelmed, undervalued, in need of a sisterly chat or someone to listen to you, I’m here for you, let me hold you some space. Let’s navigate this challenge together and find our way back to empowerment, and career satisfaction.

Triggered by racial trauma inthe workplace?

The Racial Trauma THRIVEKit programme is a holistic programme which brings together coaching and racial trauma-informed therapy.

This programme will help you reposition yourself in your place of work by helping you rebuild confidence, and personal power while attending to your emotional, spiritual, physical and mental wellbeing. Delivered by experts in the Global Majority

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