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Career advancement isn’t just about qualifications; it’s about standing out with confidence and stepping forward with courage. My practical, straightforward tools and strategies provide you with what you need to overcome any career challenge so you can confidently pursue your career aspirations. Being certified in Dyslexia Therapy and Awareness also positions me to help those with different learning styles and create highly inclusive programmes.

Your career is an emotional business. You might realise it at first, but it takes a lot out of you, particularly when things don’t go as planned. Being certified in Career, Confidence and Life coaching ensures you get strategic solutions coupled with mindset support that is focused on ensuring your holistic wellbeing, because trust me, burnout is no fun!  My career services are designed for those ready to take bold, decisive action – whether it’s elevating your personal brand, refining your CV, or mastering the art of the interview.

Each service I offer is tailored to ensure you’re not just prepared, but confident and equipped to make your next career move. It’s time to transform career stagnation into dynamic growth. Let’s ignite your professional journey with the courage and confidence you deserve.

Career Support ToolKit

Here are a range of services, however bespoke sessions are also available on request

Career Transition Consultation

Focus: In-depth consultation on career transition strategies.

Ideal for career changes or dealing with lack of direction.

1 x 90 Min Session

Career Alignment & Goal Setting

Focus: Align career and personal values and set achievable goals.

Creates a clear, actionable roadmap and action plan.

1 x 90 Min Session

Personal Brand LinkedIn Audit & Optimisation

Focus: Enhancing online presence and personal branding.

Ideal for increasing visibility, and networking in the industry.

1 Session & Personalised Report

Interview Coaching and Mock Interviews

Focus: Interview prep,  techniques and mock interviews.

Great for all levels of career for interviews, or returning to work after a break.

1 x 2 Hour Sessions or session bundles available

Mindset Mastery for Career Success

Focus: Identify mindset barriers and rebuild career confidence with clarity and direction.

Overcome Fears, and limiting beliefs impacting your career.

1 x 90 Min Sessions or session bundles available

Resume Revamp & Linkedin Makeover

Focus: Crafting a Dynamic Resume and LinkedIn Profile

Strategically showcase your unique value, skills & expertise.

*CV services without Linkedin available on request.

Prefer a more 'on demand' approach?

Or maybe you prefer not to do Zoom sessions?

The CareerCompass Service
is just the thing!

It's like having a coach in your pocket for help when you need them the most!


Whether you’re grappling with job search frustrations, need a confidence boost, or have ad-hoc career queries, our service is designed to provide you with the support you need, when you need it. Like having a career coach on speed dial for messages or voice notes and rapid but constructive support via Voxer, Telegram or WhatsApp.

Key Features and Benefits:

On Demand Coaching Support

Like having a career coach on speed dial, available for messages or voice notes. Quick access to a Certified Coach for immediate advice on urgent and important queries or decisions.

Flexible Communication Style

Constructive support via Voxer or WhatsApp, whether you prefer typing out detailed messages or sending quick voice notes, this service adapts to your communication preferences.

Personalised Responses:

Bespoke support and solutions with insights and strategies tailored for your specific circumstances, whether navigating the job market, interview processes, or making effective career decisions.

Confidence & Accountability:

Enhancing your confidence and decision-making skills with motivating and affirming support, and accountability, tailored to suit your unique professional journey and keep you, focused, on track and never alone

This Is Ideal For

Job Seekers:

From resume crafting to interview prep, receive expert advice to navigate the job search process effectively.

Career Transitions:

Gain clarity and support as you consider or embark on a new career path.

Professionals Seeking Advancement:

Perfect for those aiming for promotion, enhancing their personal brand, or expanding their professional network.

Confidence & Courage Building:

Overcome self-doubt with encouragement and motivational guidance, empowering you to take bold career steps.

Embrace the convenience and effectiveness of Rapid Career Coaching. Whether you’re grappling with job search frustrations, seeking a confidence boost, or needing guidance for ad-hoc career questions, this service is your gateway to professional empowerment and success…


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