EmpowerAction: Active Advocate Programme

Step Into Courageous Leadership: Transforming Silence into Action

The sidelines are no longer a place for any organisation committed to equity and justice.

To be frank, it never should have been in the first place. But in 2023, with all that is going on in the world, there definitely must be an intentional and proactive change. 

The question that arises for every leader needs to shift from ‘if’ to ‘how’ you will engage in the dismantling of institutionalised racism. How will you ensure your organisation isn’t ‘box ticking’, but actualising real change in your industry?

Knowing that it’s time to stand up and step away from the status quo, do you see your organisation equipped to lead with boldness, or retreat into the background? 

This Active Advocate Programme is a catalyst for profound change. This is how you as an organisational leader prepare your people to actively move the needle. To make a real impact.

I get it. You've had D&I training, so your uncertain if your organisation needs this, or not?

Well, as a leader, even with your training, have you felt at a loss for words when racially charged incidents occur? Have you experienced the discomfort of a room falling silent? Have you ever witnessed discrimination and felt paralysed, unsure of how to support your colleagues effectively? When global or community crises strike, are you equipped to break the silence and support those affected, standing vulnerably yet firmly as an ally, or advocate? And what about your teams?

This programme goes beyond the surface, delving into these challenging moments, and providing you with practical tools, scripts, and guidance to navigate these complex situations. You’ll learn not just what to say, but how to say it—turning potential moments of tension into opportunities for growth and understanding. Being able to TRULY make an impact.

Tackling Uncomfortable Truths

Inaction in the Face of Discrimination

 Employees often witness discriminatory behaviour but feel unequipped or hesitant to intervene, leading to a culture where racism goes unchallenged.

Lack of Training and Vocabulary

Employees and leaders may lack the training or feel they don’t have the authority to act as effective bystanders, leading to missed opportunities to address racism.

Fear of Misstepping or making mistakes

 Concerns about saying or doing the wrong thing can prevent you from acting, perpetuating a cycle of silence to avoid uncomfortable conversations.

Unclear Internal Policies

Without clear guidelines and support from the organisation, employees may not know how or when to intervene in situations of racism.

Passive or inconsistent Allyship

A tendency to support anti-racism in principle but take a more passive approach, leading to a lack of meaningful progress in creating an inclusive environment.

Fragmented Cultural Understanding

Lack of understanding or awareness about different cultural nuances and sensitivities. This can lead to microaggressions unintentional bias or racism.

These pain points underscore the necessity for a programme like EmpowerAction – Active Advocate, which equips individuals with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to know how to effectively use their privilege and voice to safely intervene in situations of racism and discrimination.

With our Active Advocate Programme, you'll gain

Competency in Difficult Conversations:

Learn how to initiate and manage conversations around race and discrimination with sensitivity and effectiveness. Including when it is, and is not an appropriate time to speak, or act.

Empowerment through Practical Tools:

Access tools, scripts, and techniques that give you the confidence to act in real-time, turning challenging moments into teachable ones.

Building a Culture of Allyship:

Develop a workplace where every team member feels empowered to speak up and stand up against racism, fostering a culture of true allyship.

Our Commitment to You:

Expert Guidance: Benefit from the expertise of seasoned anti-racism consultants, HR professionals, and racial trauma therapists.

Resilience Building: Equip your team with the resilience and tools for sustainable active advocacy, nurturing a commitment personally and professionally.

– Confidence in Advocacy: To provide the tools and vocabulary to address these moments of previous discomfort or silence and the knowledge to turn them from tension points into opportunities for growth and understanding.

Our Collaborative Synergy
Uniting Diverse Expertise for Change

EmpowerAction combines the expertise of anti-racism consultancy, psychotherapeutic insights, and HR strategies, creating a unique collaborative force that equips organisations with the tools, knowledge, and empathy required to foster a culture of proactive, informed advocacy.

Working with me we have…

Doreen Powell

Mind Matters Therapy
BABCP Accredited CBT, Psychotherapist, Racial Trauma Specialist

Bukola Balogun

Chief Experience Architect, HR & Cultural Development Consultant

Flexible Delivery Options for EmpowerAction:Active Advocate Training

To cater to different organisational needs and schedules, our Active Advocate training is delivered in-person or virtual and is available in different formats.

Programme Options

Standard Programme

Initial 1 Hour Discovery and Strategy Call
6 Interactive Training Sessions
Led By: AR Consultant, HR Consultant & Racial Trauma Therapist
Tailored action plans and resources
Ideal for teams seeking foundational change.

Premium Programme

Everything in the Standard Package
Racial Trauma THRIVEKit Workshop* (Click the button to learn more)
3 individuals receive 1:1 Anti-Racism Champion Mentoring

Elite Programme

All features of the Premium Package
Up to 6 leaders receive 1:1 Anti-Racism Champion Mentoring
Strategy & Implementation Session With Employee Network Leaders

More Options

Mini-Masterclass (Intro Session)

This concise, impactful session provides a glimpse into the core principles of active bystander intervention. It's an ideal introduction for teams to understand the basics of identifying and addressing racist behaviours and situations in the workplace.

Full-Day Interactive Workshop

A comprehensive, in-depth workshop designed to equip participants with extensive knowledge and practical skills. The full-day format allows for a deep dive into topics like understanding racism, effective communication, empathy and allyship, and much more. Interactive activities and case studies enhance the learning experience, making it an enriching and transformative day for all attendees.

Are You Ready to Lead the Charge?

As your organisation stands at the crossroads of change, our EmpowerAction: Active Advocate Training Programme offers a decisive step towards a genuinely inclusive workplace. This is a transformational journey that equips your team to actively challenge and change the narrative around racism.

This journey moves your organisation from passive recognition to active dismantling of institutionalised racism, ensuring your commitment to diversity and inclusion translates into concrete, positive results.

Are you prepared to make this commitment? I invite you to take this bold step towards change.

Take Action Today:

  • Book a Strategy Call: Connect with me to tailor this transformative journey to your organisation’s specific context and needs. Together, let’s pave the way for a workplace where every voice is heard, valued, and empowered to make a difference.

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