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Where Diversity & Inclusion Meets Courage, Confidence & Anti-Racism

“Inviting Diversity into the room is not enough, it needs to be in the DNA of your company, interwoven into your culture, top-down and bottom-up!” – JJ

In a world that often opts for conformity and silence, confronting and dismantling systemic barriers demands true courage. As a dedicated anti-racism consultant, I work with organisational leaders to challenge deeply rooted beliefs and biases, addressing and breaking down barriers through strategic intervention, comprehensive consulting, and dynamic facilitation.

But it’s not just about identifying these challenges; it’s about enacting real, lasting change. As a certified and accredited coach, I partner with executives and leadership teams to manage transitions seamlessly and develop essential skills within the workplace. Together, we’ll pave the way for a more inclusive, empathetic, and prosperous organisational culture.

Because with courage, we commit to introspection, challenge the status quo, and transform company cultures and strategies, to ultimately thrive in inclusion and excellence.

How We Can Work Together

DEI Workshops & Programmes

Racial Trauma Programmes

Appreciative Inquiry Service

Active Bystander Programmes

What you do as the head of your organisation paves the way...

"You are only as inclusive as the worst behaviour you are willing to tolerate in your organisation. "

I think our relationship was made stronger by the times when it wasn’t easy, as actually by being honest and vulnerable, we could move forward in a way where we understood each other better.

Anna Whitehead, Clyde & Co

Global CSR Manager

Strategic Facilitation, Workshops & Programmes

External programmes and workshops are a vital investment that can support organisational strategies and policies and also reinforce organisational behaviour and inclusive culture. Investing in your teams by inviting external speakers to communicate and share can help drive your business to further success where you can hold a space in a progressive and diverse marketplace.

This can also be an opportunity for you to elicit engagement from your employees in steering committees and listening groups externally facilitated which are often more impactful and effective than being led internally. 

If you are serious about being an agent for change in areas of EDI and Anti-racism, then I am happy to support your company on its journey. This is why part of my process is to have a strategic call which allows me to tailor my workshops and facilitation to elicit the right impact for where your company is now that helps to shift mindsets to the direction your company is heading. One size, one speech, one workshop, does not fit all, this is why my services are bespoke. Transforming organisational structures and having courageous conversations, must happen at the top of every hierarchy. Feel free to book an event for the senior team and the remaining workforce to attend separately in order for each group to ask questions freely and openly.

Book a strategy call and let’s have a conversation to see what best aligns with where your company is right now, so my workshops can meet you where you are at and guide your people to the direction you are heading by addressing challenges that seem to be coming up over and over again and shaping hearts and minds with the importance and humanity of this work. You have an opportunity, not to just talk about it, but to ‘BE’ about it.

The Courageous Conversation Strategic Facilitation Package takes you through 6 Key Stages and each stage receives personalised consideration and attention so your desired outcomes are met.

Interested in EmpowerActon -Active Bystander Programme & Training Workshops?

This journey is about tackling racism in the workplace while; reshaping your organisational culture into one where courage, empathy, understanding and action are at the forefront. Are you ready to embark on this transformative path?

Leaders are responsible for creating an environment in which people feel they can be their best.


Simon Kweeday

Executive Director, Big Life Group

“JJ balanced her mediation and coaching skills to the benefit of the client and the organisation.”

Support Your Employees who have encountered Racial Trauma in The Workplace With

Racial Trauma THRIVEKit Series

Are you keen to support employees who have raised grievances connected to racial trauma or experienced racial discrimination in the workplace when carrying out client or public-facing roles or maybe from colleagues? Or employees who are dealing with communal trauma?

If so, this one-of-a-kind 1:1 programme and interactive group workshop, is what you are looking for.

*A collaborative programme in conjunction with Racial Trauma Informed CBT Psychotherapist from MindMatters

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