Racial Trauma THRIVEKit

Where Racial Trauma Meets: Healing, Empowerment, & Unyielding Confidence.

"The injustice of racial trauma in the workplace is a testament to the unfinished work of equity and inclusion."

Racial trauma is not like a physical injury. The hurt is deep inside.

So, How do you get to it?

When employees from racialised communities continue to be underrepresented in the workplace, or face the same racial stressors and triggers in other jobs, how do you help them escape it? 

Truth is, you cannot escape what you cannot control

But there are mindset shifts, tools and techniques that will enable you to heal and thrive in the face of adversity. As Maya Angelou said… Still, I Rise. And so can you.

And, if you are here to seek support for your employees, the Racial Trauma THRIVEKit is the solution you are looking for.

Here's The Process

Phase 1: Mindset-Reset

Firstly you should know, is racial trauma harms the mind, therefore attention is needed for the ‘mental body’. This is where mindset work is needed to help.

For this part of the Thrive Kit I have partnered with a BABCP Accredited Licensed Psychotherapist and Mindfulness practitioner. A Black woman with exceptional expertise and a depth of experience. Phase one is where therapy sessions are provided, a healing space for you to release and ease your mind and anxious thought patterns to help reset your mental body.

*In Partnership with MindMatters

Phase 2: Emotional Restoration

This phase of the programme connects with your mental body. The release of trauma takes place differently in this phase. Once you come through a series of therapy, a time of reassessing and realignment is useful.

This is where you emotionally transition from hurt to restoration.

Phase 3 Physical Realignment

This phase guides you through a series of physical releases that help you to let go shed trauma tension. It is here where you will also experience progressive muscle relaxation (PMR) through movement and massage. Yes, working with a PMR specialist, this is a part of your Thrive Kit where you will have time to really power down and give your body the attention it needs to release muscle tightness which is brought on by triggers in the workplace and the muscle memory that holds trauma and tightness.

You will also be shown how to look after your body by learning and using these techniques.

Phase 4: Spiritual Re-Empowerment.

Finally, we connect spiritually in the fourth phase. You will enjoy mindfulness with the Licensed Practitioner and learn power proclamation exercises to enhance or create a spiritual empowerment practice.

This phase is to power back up as you reground yourself and re-immerse in your cultural identity, recognising and reconnecting with yourself on a deeper level and re-engaging with your sense of personal power and confidence.

The Racial Trauma THRIVEKit is Delivered in Collaboration

Doreen Powell

Mind Matters Therapy
BABCP Accredited Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist
& Licensed Mindfulness Practitioner

Ready To Thrive?

This programme begins with a consultation, followed by 12 x 1:1 Sessions. 

It also includes weekly Voxer/Whatsapp check-ins in between set sessions with a workbook filled with exercises and tangible tools.

Available for 1:1 with company & self-funding options.

The are also group options – workshop delivery educating your teams and leadership on the impact of racial trauma and teaching and sharing resources which have valuable tools and techniques to support each person individually and as a team.

This programme is also a restorative option for those who have experienced racial trauma and require additional support.

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