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Why I do, What I do.

I was 10 years old when my mother moved into what we called a ‘middle class’ neighbourhood. It was bittersweet because on the one hand, it was supposed to be a great place to live with good schools, but on the other hand I had left my friends behind and knew no one.

On day three of living in this neighbourhood, I decided to walk to the corner shop, 5 minutes away, passing the school and going through a small but very open park. A kid, he looked a bit older than me, ran over to me and asked I minded him asking me a question for a school project. I was delighted someone was talking to me and happily said, yes ask away.

“Do you think all ‘N_____’s’ should be shot?”

That was the question he asked me. I looked at him, and I looked at a man that I later found out was his father. No one cared. No one stood up for me. Everyone heard, but no one even flinched. I looked at everyone in the park and that was when I realised, no one around here looked like me and no one wanted me in their space. That was my first experience of feeling like I didn’t belong, but not my last.

My experiences throughout education and employment, often reflected that sentiment. I grew up not knowing where I fit. This is what makes me deeply passionate about creating spaces that nurture the sense of ‘belonging’, and building inclusive environments that encourages courageous conversations, and foster growth. Environments that allow people to show up fully, and do their best work! 

I’ve experienced discrimination throughout my education and career, even up to the last job I had. Racism, covert and overt was a regular occurance and there was no attempt to provide psychological safety.

It was only after the murder of George Floyd did people begin to care.

Some of the microaggressions I received...

It needs to STOP!

My Transition to Self-Employment

My career background was in the Corporate Sector (Legal Finance), in some of the world’s largest Global Law Firms, Magic Circle and Top 50 firms. While my career was thriving, I needed to do something other than make rich people, richer. Especially considering the environment I was in didn’t even see me, or people who looked like me. 

I began to increase my involvement in diversity issues within the firm, launching and embedding a network, representing the firm on panels, and chairing the network, sitting on external planning initiatives. However, there was a lot of ‘red tape’ barriers, fear and resistance to changing the firm to become anti-racist and eradicate some of the systemic barriers. I was still having to navigate microaggressions and racism on a personal level, and I could clearly see that we, the few members of the network, were pushing the wheel uphill, alone. It became apparent, I could do a lot more from the outside, than from the inside so becoming self-employed became a priority.

I have both lived experiences and certified expertise in the area of Diversity & Inclusion in the workplace. My specialism is anti-racism and Neurodiversity. I am certified in Dyslexia Therapy and Awareness.

How I do, what I do

To support you, I utilise a tailored, needs-based approach to ensure that the services meet your company’s specific requirements and are fit for purpose. I don’t subscribe to the ‘one size fits all’ mentality.

Nor do I believe in a ‘one-and-done’ approach! I’m keen to avoid ticking boxes or engaging in performative activities that fail to make a lasting, positive impact. That’s why I offer comprehensive packages that include both strategy and implementation support. My innovative programmes are the culmination of years of experience and collaboration with experts in operations, project management, HR, and CBT psychotherapy. This multidisciplinary approach, combined with my frameworks, ensures that you receive well-rounded, actionable strategies that yield sustainable results for both organisations and individuals.

The work I do aims to be transformative and impactful. This means I’m highly selective about who I work with. Clients who choose to collaborate with me are deeply committed to creating sustainable change, and for them, I go all in!

So, are you ready to THRIVE?

Mine's, black, strong with zero sugar! 

Hopefully, we will have an opportunity to connect over coffee one day.

I am highly passionate about living a life of contribution. I want to be known worldwide for helping people transform their lives and thrive.

One of the ways I contribute is the work I do with Nyame Bekyere School in Ghana, West Africa. I travel to Ghana annually and hold a position as Head of Teacher Learning & Development. I deliver training and support to the teachers both in-person and virtually. I support the students and a percentage of all of my business earnings goes to the school. 

My Mission is to make this world a better place. To have a world where people can be who they were created to be without fear, judgement or prejudice. I want to live in a world where we can all courageously confidently show up at our best, live a purpose-driven life, and THRIVE!

What can I help you overcome?

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