Feel the Fear: Courageous Conversations Programme

Transforming Workplace Culture through Courageous Conversations


The ‘Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway© Courageous Conversations Programme’ dived deep into navigating the complexities of race-related dialogues in the workplace. This programme is meticulously designed to provide individuals with knowledge, tools and confidence to engage in meaningful, respectful, and insightful conversations about race, diversity, and inclusion. As a certified Feel the Fear Coach and Trainer with the Susan Jeffers Corporation, this programme is infused with expert-led exercises that deal with navigating fear and ping confidence combined with tools and strategies that aid with starting and engaging in courageous conversations.

Emerging with not only a newfound confidence and competence but also practical skills and a deeper understanding of how to initiate and sustain these crucial conversations in professional environments. This programme will aid your personal allyship/advocate journey.

Who The Programme Will Benefit

And anyone who's ever stayed silent with the below fears...

A Peek of what will be covered

Understanding the Landscape of Race Conversations

Grasp the fundamental aspects of race dialogues and common fears.

Building on existing Empathy and Awareness

Develop your empathy and enhance awareness about racial diversity.

Practical Tools for Courageous Conversations

Learn how to ‘Feel the Fear’ and be courageous in race-related contexts.

Navigating Uncomfortable Conversations

Learn how to navigate challenging conversations and conflict resolution

Learn The Language of Inclusivity and Respect

Craft and utilize language that fosters inclusivity and respect with confidence.

Transforming Fear into Actionable Strategies

Establish a framework for continuous and meaningful conversations.

These areas and more will be covered in the Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway© Courageous Conversations Programme

With our Feel the Fear Programme, you'll gain

Competency in Difficult Conversations:

Learn how to initiate and manage conversations around race and discrimination with sensitivity and effectiveness. Including when it is, and is not an appropriate time to speak, or act.

Empowerment through Practical Tools:

Access tools, scripts, and techniques that give you the confidence to act in real-time, turning challenging moments into teachable ones.

Building a Culture of Allyship:

Develop a workplace where every team member feels empowered to speak up and stand up against racism, fostering a culture of true allyship.

Core Features

Dive into six 90-minute, interactive sessions designed to stimulate deep discussions, practical activities, and reflections on navigating difficult conversations about race and diversity.

Tailored content and resources to fit the specific needs and challenges of your organization ensuring relevance and maximum impact. All resources and delivery methods suitable are neurodivergent friendly.

Led by a certified Feel the Fear trainer with extensive experience in anti-racism and diversity training.

After each session, participants will receive reflective prompts or questions to deepen their understanding and internalization of the concepts discussed.

Follow-up Support

Access to a follow-up support group after the completion of the programme to discuss implementation, challenges, and successes.

Completion Certification

Participants who complete the programme receive certificates, adding to their professional development accolades.

Flexible Delivery Options for
Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway© 
Courageous Conversations Programme

To cater to different organisational needs and schedules, our Programmes are delivered in-person or virtual and is available in different formats.

Programme Options

Lunch & Learn (INTRO sESSION)

This concise, impactful session provides a glimpse into the core principles of navigating conversations around race. It's an ideal introduction for teams to understand the basics towards a more inclusive and understanding professional environment.

Full-Day Interactive Workshop

A comprehensive, immersive workshop structured to offer in-depth exploration into critical topics like confronting racism, fostering effective communication, understanding empathy in race conversations, and developing allyship skills. The workshop incorporates engaging interactive activities and provides a rich and transformative learning experience. *In-Person or Virtual

1:1 For Leadership and Managers

Focus on people and stakeholder relationships in the context of race-related conversations. These sessions delve into developing empathetic leadership skills, and strategies for initiating and leading courageous conversations. *In-Person or Virtual

Group Programme for Teams

Designed for teams or managerial groups. This programme encourages collective learning and discussion, fostering a supportive environment where participants can openly discuss race, diversity, and inclusion. The group setting enables teams to develop a shared understanding and approach to addressing these crucial topics in their work environment. *In-Person or Virtual

Are You Ready to Lead the Charge?

As your organization navigates the complexities of diversity and inclusion, the Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway© Courageous Conversations Programme emerges as a pivotal tool for meaningful change. This programme is not just about understanding the nuances of race-related discussions; it’s about empowering your team to engage in these conversations with confidence and empathy.

By participating in this programme, your organization takes a proactive stance in addressing and overcoming the fears and hesitations surrounding discussions about race. It transforms your team’s approach from uncertainty and apprehension to one of open dialogue and understanding.

Are you ready to embrace this change? 

Seize the Opportunity:

  • Schedule a Consultation: Connect with me for a bespoke adaptation of the Courageous Conversations Programme to meet your organization’s unique needs. Let us collaborate to create an environment where discussions on race and diversity are navigated with courage and insight, fostering a truly inclusive workplace culture.

You've Got Questions?

I've Got Answers!

In addition to the six interactive sessions, the programme includes follow-up support, interactive workbooks for each session, assistance in creating a customized action plans, and certificates of completion for participants. There are also dedicated Q&A segments in each session and a strong focus on accessibility and inclusivity.

The follow-up support upon completion of the programme is designed to discuss implementation, challenges, and successes encountered by participants in applying the learning to their work environment.

Yes, certificates are given to participants upon completing the programme. This serves as an acknowledgment of their professional development in this crucial area.

  1. Confidentiality Agreement: At the beginning of the programme, we establish a confidentiality agreement. This ensures that all discussions within the sessions remain private and are not shared outside the programme without explicit consent.

  2. Safe Space Commitment: As a facilitator, I am trained to create and maintain a safe space where respect and understanding are paramount. Openness and vulnerability is encouraged while also ensuring that conversations are constructive and respectful.

  3. Guided Discussions: All conversations are carefully guided, ensuring that they are productive and sensitive to the participants’ diverse experiences and perspectives.

  4. Supportive Environment: An environment where participants can express themselves without fear of judgment or repercussions is fostered. My approach is inclusive and empathetic, recognizing the complexities and personal nature of these discussions.

  5. Resources for Further Support: Recognizing the potential emotional impact of these discussions, information on additional support resources, such as counselling services as well as the post programme support group, if participants wish to seek further assistance.

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