Discover Your Focus With
The PVP Clarity Exercise

An Exercise To Help Filter Through Your Ideas With Logic, Reason & Clarity

Originally devised by marketing guru Alan Dib, the PVP (Personal Fulfillment, Value to the Marketplace, Profitability) exercise is traditionally used to prioritize products and strategies based on passion, market value, and financial viability.

However, I’ve discovered that the PVP exercise offers immense benefits beyond its conventional use—especially for neurodivergent thinkers like myself.

With an abundance of creative ideas and possible business projects, it can often be overwhelming to determine which direction to pursue. Or at least, which to pursue, first! This is where the PVP exercise becomes your strategic ally.

Why the PVP Exercise?

  • Personal Fulfillment: Identifies which ideas genuinely ignite your passion and align with your deepest values.
  • Value to the Marketplace: Assesses the real-world demand and the impact your idea could have on others.
  • Profitability: Ensures that your focus is also financially sustainable, turning passion into a viable venture.

For neurodivergent minds, which naturally explore a vast landscape of thoughts and concepts, this method offers a structured way to navigate through the noise. It helps clarify which ideas hold the most significance and potential impact, enabling you to commit to projects that not only promise success but also bring personal fulfillment.

I am thrilled to share how integrating the PVP exercise into your strategic planning can change the game. It has revolutionized the way my clients and I approach our bustling idea factories, bringing clarity and focused direction to our creative chaos.

Join me in this 5-min training video as we delve into this strategic exercise. Together, we’ll identify which of your ideas shine brightest and are worth pursuing, transforming how you prioritize and execute your projects. Whether you’re looking to streamline your business ideas or simply organize your creative endeavors, the PVP exercise is your gateway to clear, actionable paths.

Watch The Mini-Training Below

If this exercise has sparked your interest and you’re seeking more personalized guidance to effectively implement your ideas, I’m here to help. Tap into a deeper level of support and let’s transform those bright ideas into actionable successes together.

Hi, I'm JJ, Award-winning Certified Coach, Business Mentor and Revenue Growth Strategist to leaders & coaches

My journey has been one of creating success across multiple businesses and vibrant communities, guided by strategies that align with my unique way of thinking. Traditional, neurotypical methods never quite fit the bill for me, which led me to develop and refine approaches that cater specifically to neurodivergent minds like mine.

If you’ve found conventional business advice to be frustrating or ineffective, I’m here to offer an alternative that might just change your perspective on what success can look like. My techniques are tailored to harness the strengths and navigate the challenges of thinkers who operate outside the neurotypical box.

Join me, and let’s build your business success using strategies that truly resonate with how you think. Together, we can unlock your full potential in a way that feels natural and empowering.

You CAN have a business that creates profit, fills you with passion, and aligns with your


I look forward to showing you how!

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