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For support with Dyslexia, there are Bespoke Workplace Coaching Strategies and DI Training Available

Authentic Alignment - The Signature Programme

This is for you if you are;

✅ Looking for a structured and impactful way to re-align and focus on both personal & professional development 

✅ Ready to choose yourself, and create a purpose driven business or a soul fulfilling career 

✅ Ready to show up more authentically  to take your life, business and career to the next level

✅ Ready to set clear, healthy boundaries, unveil your confidence and reclaim your personal power 

✅ Ready to increase your self-love and self-care as part of your daily practice and increase self-trust

✅ Ready to redesign your career or business to authentically align with who you want to become

✅ Overcoming, healing, or healed from trauma or challenges and ready to reset, renew, and redesign your life.

This is not for you if you are:

❌ Not prepared to take responsibility for your experience of life and make changes to improve your situation

❌ Comfortable with having a victim mentality and complaining about life and focusing on being a people pleaser. 

The Ultimate GameChanger Programme

This is for you if you are;

✅ Considering a career change or ready to level up and move to more senior roles with higher income.

✅ Just starting a senior role and want to feel more confident as a new leader

✅ Experiencing a knock to your confidence after a negative experience and need a ‘bounceback’ plan

✅ In a Senior or C+ Suite position and not sure what comes next

✅ Considering  a move to freelance or consulting work but unsure how or need support

✅ Wanting to transition but need help to create a robust exit and succession strategy


This is not for you if you are:

❌ Not prepared to take action or take control of your earning potential 

❌ Wish to stay in the same position with the same level of pay forever

Feel The Fear Coaching & Training Programme

This is for you if you are;

✅ Ready to do more with your life but don’t have the confidence to make changes

✅ Fed up with having low self-esteem and feeling like you must please everyone except yourself 

✅ Ready to focus on treating yourself like you matter and stop living your life based on fear of rejection or failure

✅ Ready to be courageous, to rediscover yourself and create more balance and flow in your life

✅ Wanting to improve your communication with others and be less defensive and reactive

✅ Willing to be more open to change and say ‘yes’ to new opportunities to step out of your comfort zone


This is not for you if you are:

❌ Not willing to take responsibility for your experience of life and make time to do the ‘inner’ work

❌ Happy to stay in the shadows and keep yourself small to avoid disappointing other people

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