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Creating an inclusive environment to allow your diverse teams to thrive, requires more than performative measures.

It takes humanity and heart. Because your company isn’t just made up of data and structures, it is made up of humans!

What you do as the head of your organisation paves the way because you are only as inclusive as the worst behaviour you are willing to tolerate in your company.

The diverse nature of your teams ultimately and directly impacts your organisation’s success.

Without diversity, you only get a limited point of view. You miss out on the benefits gained by having multiple voices and minds in the room. Having a variety of backgrounds, education and cultural experiences, and learning abilities, your company can operate in a competitive lane and the best talent aspire to work with you!  

Diversity allows organisations to thrive. It leads to better decision-making, and more scope for creativity and innovation, which ultimately leads to increased profits. 

If you are a business leader with a workforce representative of the world we live in, can you imagine the sense of belonging your team feels, when they see people who look like them or have dyslexia or other learning abilities at different levels of the business?

The level of hope and encouragement it provides people once they know there are opportunities for their growth in your organisation.

How do you think this type of environment would impact staff retention?

This is where I can offer your organisation support.

The work I do in the Diversity space I refer to as Courageous Conversations, because I believe this is where it all begins. Again, I refer back to my 4-Step Value System, which begins with courage and ends with growth. This is the result of embedding a culturally diverse and inclusive environment inside of your organisation. 

Whether you are at beginning of your journey or are already well on your way, there are services and courageous conversations I can support you with.

Working with me will benefit your company if it is;

✅ Taking action to embody a culture of inclusion, supporting diverse learning abilities, backgrounds, & cultures, to stamp out discriminatory behaviours in the workplace

✅ Actively focusing on retention and development of internal culturally diverse and neurodiverse talent

✅ Looking for support to facilitate conversations where there may not be much representation

✅ Supporting and empowering your teams to ‘show up’ authentically embodying their culture

✅ Increasing access to those currently underrepresented in your organisation or industry

✅ Willing to address the noticeable differences in representation at senior management levels

✅ Are committed to taking proactive measures rather than performative to increase the support and inclusivity or both culturally and neurodiverse employees

✅ Looking for Strategic support to start/grow an employee network 

✅ Actively looking to address underrepresented and/or under-served staff from diverse backgrounds by supporting their career growth.

✅ Supporting employees with different learning abilities e.g. Dyslexia, ADHD to have access to resources and coaching support to create coping strategies that fit their needs

If you’re ready to transform the DNA of your business by aligning it with a truly diverse and inclusive culture, then just hit the button below, and let’s jump on a Zoom call and have a no-obligation.

Courageous Conversations - Let's Talk Strategy

Consider for a moment if your company still uses the acronym ‘BAME’. Do you have events focused around allyship during Black History Month? And are the majority of people with Black, Asian, and other ethnic backgrounds who represent the minority at your company, in the lowest-paid roles and have been for a number of years? If you answered yes, then you may need to take a look at your D&I strategy.

Acknowledging this may feel uncomfortable, but having courageous conversations is what can help to move the needle.

A mistake that organisations often make, is thinking that adapting their hiring practices to include more diverse hires, getting a D&I consultant to deliver training now and then and sharing supportive posts on social media is evidence of executing a diversity strategy. But what tends to happen next is an influx of negative statistics when, shortly after, the diverse hires leave. You see, inviting Diversity into the room is not enough, it needs to be in the DNA of your company, interwoven into your culture, top down and bottom up!

But it is good that you are here, because the action you take today, could make all the difference. If you believe your organisation would benefit from an external, non-judgemental ear and voice of someone with more than lived experience, then take action and be the change. This is an opportunity to create, integrate and embed an inclusive strategy, whether you require ad hoc support to help you with a specific project or you recognise the need to create something more long-term and bespoke to address your company’s needs.

Together, we can ensure your processes, strategies, and operations are people-focused and your organisation is leading with courage, accountability, and integrity.

If you are ready to transform your business from non-racist to anti-racist, I got you!

Courageous Conversations - Let's Talk Strategy

External workshops are a vital investment that can support organisational strategies and policies and also reinforce organisational behaviour and inclusive culture. Investing in your teams by inviting external speakers to communicate and share can help drive your business to further success where you can hold a space in a progressive and diverse marketplace.

This can also be an opportunity for you to elicit engagement from your employees in steering committees and listening groups externally facilitated which are often ore impactful and effective then being led internally. 

If you are serious about being an agent for change, then I am happy to support your company on its journey. However, I work differently to many other consultants you may have used before. I don’t just turn up, deliver a workshop and leave. I believe wholeheartedly in creating a positive and lasting impact, anything else is performative. I don’t believe D&I should ever be akin to a tick box exercise. This is why part of my process is to have a strategic call which allows me to tailor my workshops and facilitation to elicit the right impact for where your company is now that helps to shift mindsets to the direction your company is heading. One size, one speech, one workshop, does not fit all, this is why my services are bespoke. Transforming organisational structures and having courageous conversations, must happen at the top of every hierarchy. Feel free to book an event for the senior team and the remaining workforce to attend separately in order for each group to ask questions freely and openly.

Book a strategy call and let’s have a conversation to see what best aligns with where your company is right now, so my workshops can meet you where you are at and guide your people to the direction you are heading by addressing painpoints or challenges that seem to be coming up over and over again and shaping hearts and minds with the importance and humanity of this work. You have an opportunity, not to just talk about it, but to ‘BE’ about it.

Courageous Conversations - Employee Networks

Does your company have an employee network focused on Ethnic and Cultural Diversity? You may have a network that separates and addresses different cultures or one network which includes allies. Or are you yet to install an employee network or D&I Champion Programme in your organisation?

Having a network or dedicated hub where your ethnically diverse staff can connect and experience a safe space, can be vital to your company’s retention of diverse staff. Not only do I share this from personal experience, but as someone who chaired a network for a number of years, I’ve seen first-hand the vital role it plays, particularly as an invested support aligned with your D&I team. There are different ways to develop a network within your organisation however, either way, the network will assist senior management by providing guidance and a voice that the senior managers may not otherwise hear or acknowledge. 

These networks are an effective way to distribute learning and resources that will enhance your companies D&I efforts as well as help find solutions for companywide challenges. You may also find your employee networks can advance your company’s marketing efforts by showing up on social media to show events and activities which is also encouraging for potential hires to see.

I created a framework called D.R.I.V.E. which addresses factors such as; bringing together diverse talent, employee retention, creating space for courageous conversations as well as enhancing company revenue, and more. 

I am happy to support you launch or grow your employee network, or embed a champion programme and equally happy to simply show up and deliver a talk or workshop that will ignite courageous conversations and learning within your networks that can filter through your organisation as a whole.

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The quote that outlines the difference between D&I

Diversity is a FACT, Inclusion is an ACT


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