Hi, I'm JJ

I want to assure you that, what starts with courage, ends with growth.

Courage ◦ Empowerment ◦ Action ◦ Growth ◦ Courage ◦ Empowerment ◦ Action ◦ Growth ◦ Courage ◦ Empowerment ◦ Action ◦ Growth ◦

Here's my story...

Well, my life has been a rollercoaster filled with fears and challenges which I’ve had to face.

Like, when I found myself about to get married to someone who was not right or good for me and had to tell a church filled with over a thousand people, that I was calling off the wedding.

Or when I found myself accepting a job in the Middle East and left everything and everyone I knew behind, to start a life, alone, in the UAE.… fear, fear, fear!

One thing which was always constant for me is the ability to build my career and land great jobs and promotions. That was my thing! 

I literally applied for five jobs in a different city, went to five job interviews in the same day and landed five job offers. 

So, I accepted one full time, and consulted part time for another…as you do!  

When life hands you lemons, make lemonade!

The job I accepted was very prestigious. I was working in, what was at the time, the 3rd largest law firm in the world.

Sounds great right… well, let’s put it this way… the job and I were not a good fit!

I spent a year thinking about my escape while the UK was going through an economic crisis. So now what?!

What came next was tonnes of prayer and stress. Did I just make the biggest mistake of my life to leave a company that I loved to progress my career? 

Anyway, long story short… No one in the UK was hiring. Recruitment agencies had nothing on their books to offer me… until I got THE CALL!

“There’s a job going in Dubai, but…” 

Before she finished her sentence, “I said send me the job spec”.

Not because it was in Dubai, I just heard the word ‘job’ and said, ‘Thank you God’.

Another BIG change
in my life

I took advantage of the touristy stuff, desert safari, camel rides, and visiting all of the Emirates.

I lived in some of the most amazing properties, gym, and pool as standard. The view from my balcony was the Burj Khalifa, The Address Hotel and Dubai Mall. 

I started singing again, at the top hotels and venues in Dubai, singing on live TV, recording songs, signed to a record label, live gigs with a band.

So, where did this value system even come from?

I played hard


I lost my passion

Amongst all the play, my career skyrocketed. I travelled to many countries as my role covered the UK, Middle East & Asia, three different time zones. I was happy at work. But my homelife was a wreck. In a relationship that had turned physically abusive, I chose to bury myself in my work. Working up to 15 hours a day, six days a week. So of course. came the inevitable. The dreaded burnout! Followed by loss of self-confidence, self-esteem and passion.

I had lost my passion and meaning and went on a journey to figure out how to get it back. My journey of self-discovery led me to realise who I was again.

By the time I had come out of the other end, I discovered my job was no longer giving me what I wanted, I was shaken because I thought my career made me who I was. I had to spend time working on myself and figure out what I wanted from my life and how to get it. It was during this phase in my life that I began to put together the frameworks that bought me back into alignment and started to put my career back together again with a focus on self-care and self-love. This new focus totally transformed my life. I began to find my authenticity and fall in love with life again which had a positive impact on my work.

I remember my passion, which was coaching and leading people. Supporting, listening, and empowering them to go after their dreams, and I felt, I owed it to myself to find the courage to go after mine! I wanted to work for myself and have a more flexible lifestyle. I didn’t want to work long hours, spending my time improving systems and processes; instead, I wanted to set my own hours and do the work which I love. 

I began to shape my life around 4F’s… Faith, Flexibility, Finances and Fun. 

It was time to face my fear and make the biggest and scariest decision of my life. To start my own company and be unapologetically ME. I remembered the decision I made that moved me out of the abusive relationship, which was to choose myself. Then I decided from now on, I need to choose myself daily and it became part of my daily practice. 

In the words of Susan Jeffers, I decided to feel the fear and do it anyway. 

And now...here I am.

One of the things I learned is, if you don’t live intentionally and define your passion and your values, you will never find meaning or purpose in your life. But it all starts with courage.

This is what led me to create The 4-Step Value System. This System forms a framework that I know works and instills you with SUSTAINABLE self-confidence. It allowed me to get to where I am, using my challenges as lessons while giving me a toolbox filled with techniques to address areas of life that only life can teach you! Sharing this toolbox with my clients has allowed them to see transformative impacts in their lives, just like I’ve seen in my own.

I’m an International Coach and CEO of Ability Business Group, a coaching and consulting business, serving individuals and organisations. I’m the Founder of a grassroots Community Interest Company called We Excel and a Feel the fear and do it anywayCertified Trainer for the Susan Jeffers Corporation.

And of course, the Founder of The Confidence Queens Academy.

My Mission is to support as many women as possible to overcome the barriers and obstacles in their lives that prevent them from reaching their potential. I’m also committed to contributing in the reduction of the gender and ethnicity pay gap. I aim to empower women to be the best, most courageous, and most confident versions of themselves. To be proud of who they are and fairly compensated for what they do and to make a daily decision to choose themselves and treat themselves like they matter.

Are You Ready To Step Into Your Courage & ReDesign Your Life?

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