The GO LIVE MasterClass Bundle



The ‘Go LIVE’ MasterClass bundle is everything you need to prepare you to face your fear of public speaking or going LIVE on social media in order to present your business offers to the world.

Overcoming Fear Of Public Speaking & Going LIVE on Social Media

I’m sure you’ve heard that one of the most feared activities is public speaking.

In fact, according to the National Institutes of Mental Health, 75% of people rank public speaking as their number 1 fear.

If you are among the 75%, then this masterclass is for you. Whether your fear is speaking to a group of people or going LIVE on social media, this training will be valuable and will help you feel prepared for your debut. It is particularly useful for new business owners who are ready to step into their courage and represent their brand.

The GO LIVE Challenge For New Business Owners

Going LIVE on social media for the first time or as a newbie isn’t easy. In fact, the thought alone can be terrifying enough to cause procrastination and avoidance, which creates an immediate limitation on your business. This training will give you practical tips, techniques and insights on going LIVE with confidence as a new business owner, consultant or coach.




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