The THRIVE Elite

Program Highlights:

  • Comprehensive Access: Enjoy all the benefits of the Foundation 2.0 and Momentum tiers, plus exclusive enhancements unique to the Thrive Tier.
  • Quarterly Strategy & Sales Intensive: Dive deep into strategic planning with our quarterly intensives. Receive support to plan out your quarterly business strategy and which sales to offer in order to achieve your lifestyle and financial goals and ensure your plans are aligned with your overall vision. These indispensable sessions will also support you to overcome obstacles, fine-tune your approach, propelling your coaching business to new heights.
  • Exclusive Focus Group: Benefit from In-Your-Pocket Support, offering real-time access to mindset, accountability and implementation guidance whenever you need it. This level of instant access support ensures that expert advice is always at your fingertips, helping you to seamlessly implement strategies, and overcome challenges like procrastination, imposter syndrome, and overthinking.
  • Access to Purpose Accelerator Business Mentoring Course and full training library: Dive into a comprehensive suite of courses and masterclasses on our exclusive training platform. This standalone business mentoring resource is continuously updated, providing you with the latest insights and strategies for coaching business success. *Includes 3-day training course to help corporate professionals transition out of employment to full-time entrepreneurship.

Step Into the Thrive Tier: At $149/month, embrace the pinnacle of coaching business development. This tier is for dedicated coaches serious about making significant advancements in their coaching careers. Secure your spot at the Thrive Tier and watch as your coaching business SOARS!


$149.00 / month

THRIVE Elite ($149 per Month)

  • THRIVE Elite is for those who demand the pinnacle of business development, particularly useful for those looking to make a faster transition to launching their full-time coaching business. This premium tier includes everything from the Momentum level plus exclusive access to our Private Training Platform with business and mindset masterclasses, The Purpose Accelerator Self-Learning Business Mentoring Course, and Quarterly strategy meetings,  The ‘On-Demand’ Support Group offers unparalleled direct access to expert advice, providing an intensive, supportive environment that facilitates rapid business growth and deep strategic implementation.
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