The Power Of Your Profile

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Your LinkedIn Profile is a valuable resource which can quickly attract high value opportunities directly to you. But, no matter your expert status, if you don’t optimise your Linkedin Profile, you fail to attract the interest you desire and lose your competitive advantage in the market.

Important Note: Gone are the days when Linkedin was a reflection of your CV/Resume. Expectations are higher and so is competition.

Instead of reading like a resume, your Linkedin Profile is your opportunity to give an insight into who you are and delve into thought leadership. By sharing visuals and content you can position yourself an authority in your area of business, or niche, and build trust with connections who may later become your clients, employers, friends or business collaborators.

Expert Tip: By default, your LinkedIn profile URL will be a long string of numbers and letters. However, you can customise your URL to include your name, or brand which makes it easier for people to find and remember you.

Here’s mine:

Here’s How it’s done: From the desktop, navigate to your profile and on the left you will see the URL option. From mobile, tap the pencil icon, scroll to contact info, select ‘edit contact info, tap profile URL.

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