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Does This Sound Like You?

If you’ve ever reached a point in your life, where you just feel stuck in a cycle; you’re not moving forward? Frustration kicks in and you just start to feel dissatisfied with life and begin asking questions are ‘purpose and meaning’. Maybe you feel ready for a transition, a new role, a new company or new industry or want to start a business, monetise your passion project or purpose driven business, but you’re confidence has taken a hit which is leaving you feeling STUCK!

Trust me when I say, you are not alone, this happens to so many of us because you know what, change can be difficult, whether in your everyday life or your career.

But what makes YOU different, is that you are here, so you have already taken the first step. And like a child learning to walk, the first step is often the hardest.

So, you’re probably thinking, now that I’m here, what’s next? What should I do now?

And that’s where I come in.

Step Into Your Courage & Redesign Your Life In 3 Steps



Ready to go 'all in' on investing your time, energy and finances into your future and focus on achiving goals that will benefit you and your family? It starts with the decision to 'choose you'.



Make a commitment to focus on smashing those habits and limiting beliefs that have held you back and learn the tools which will help you to become courageously confident



The application of knowledge is POWER. What you think you know means nothing until you ACT.

How I Can Support You

If you’ve read my story, you know I’ve embarked upon a few major career transitions as well as navigating and unpacking trauma in my life. I understand that many aspects of life and career are emotional to deal with, so my approach is heart-centered and holistic.

My mission is to offer support, so you don’t have to go through where I’ve come from, in order to move your life forward. And, if you’re already at that place, then I will help you to move forward, faster.

I’m certified in Dyslexia Therapy and my services are inclusive.

It starts with a conversation. You’re probably a bit nervous, but don’t worry, I’m not one of the coaching gurus who talk ‘coach speak’ at you or someone who will get you on a call to talk about myself or push you into a sale. Truth is, I just want to help people. That’s why I’m here.

Your coaching journey is all about you! I meet you right where you are and help you to move forward to meet your goal because my goal, is to ensure you get the transformation you are searching for, one that isn’t a fleeting experience but is instead the foundation of lifelong change.

I don’t believe in temporary fixes or faking it till you make it, it isn’t about just helping you to apply for a job or get a promotion or set up your business. What I do, is help you to dig a bit deeper and look at the way you think and why. I help you to uncover your existing mindset, so you can apply relevant life tools to sustain your growth and reach your potential. Then, with the right mindset, the business and career strategy can begin.

There are a number of programmes, services, and courses that I offer, but each is tailored for your needs,  because another thing I don’t believe in is, one size fits all, because it just doesn’t. Fact!

Life’s too short to be unhappy, unsure, or unfulfilled. If you are ready to shift whatever it is that’s standing in the way of your goals, your next step is simple, but not always easy!

You know your future self is waiting for you to step into your courage, confidence, and clarity to be the version of you that you dream about.

Are you ready to work with me?

Let me help you out. If you struggle with:

If you’re ready to change the narrative of your life, then just hit the button below, and let’s jump on a Zoom call and have a no-obligation.


Confidence & Life Coaching

​​Do you want to do more with your life, but feel you don’t have the confidence to achieve your goals? Maybe you are sick of your low self-esteem or lack of self-belief holding you back from getting what you want in life? Fed up of imposter syndrome showing up and reducing you to almost tears and you find yourself struggling to get a sense of balance in your life because you’re trying so hard to prove yourself worthy?

Maybe you hoped you would be somewhere further along in your life by now and you’re feeling deeply unfulfilled and just ‘stuck’.

Once you get to that point, your negative self-talk, limiting beliefs, and self-doubt begins to impact you more than you can manage. If any of this is familiar, just know, that you are not alone and now,  you are in the right place.

Transformative coaching will help you not only find a sense of purpose but will help you to get back into alignment so you can take action on your goals and personal growth. Whether you need to navigate fears or develop confidence and set boundaries,  I will help you, like I do all of my clients, to redesign your life in ways you didn’t believe possible. You will not only find your brilliance, but you will also find your smile and your passion.

Authentic Alignment

Are you at a crossroads in your career? Wanting to start a purpose driven business? Maybe you’re considering a complete change? Or are challenges with Dyslexia stunting your career/business growth?

There are many things to consider when it comes to making a change in your career, it can be a difficult and emotional decision. But whatever the reason, as a certified career coach and strategist, with an additional certification by Career Matters to deliver ICF Accredited Your Career Plan© Coaching tools, I can deliver you a personalised programme to help you to unlock the clarity you need and remind you of your brilliance. This programme combines both personal and professional development to ensure you have a career or business that is aligned with who you are at your core so you can enjoying total career and business clarity and confidence and know you are on the right path.

The Pandemic caused major changes in the way we work, many people faced redundancy while others were part of the ‘great resignation’. Enjoying a smooth transition, whatever your circumstance is vital for your financial security but also for your wellbeing. I specialise in helping people find their brilliance and step into their most courageous selves, through combining life and career coaching and life coaching and business mentoring. 

Also trained in Dyslexia Awareness and Dyslexia Therapy, my programmes have a focus on developing confidence and transforming mindsets to allow you to transition from just surviving, to audaciously thriving. As well as the full Authentic Alignment Programme, you can book a single Business Brainstorm Session where we can have a focused strategic session to get ideas, concepts and thoughts together with clarity and accountability. Alternatively, you can schedule a Courageous Career Conversation where you can get direct and targeted support on challenges such as, CV and Interview Preparation, Client fees or salary negotiation, Skills & Strengths based audits and clarifying your ultimate career and business goals that will help you move from surviving a mundane job to thriving in a life you love.

Corporate Services

“The real competitive advantage in any business is one word only, which is, people” Kamil Toume.

Retaining, supporting, and developing your people can be challenging, but if you are here, you know it is vital.

The world of work has changed and if you want to raise the bar and embrace a progressive and inclusive edge in your business, working with a skilled and dynamic coach is a positive way to enhance the growth and performance of your people. I can help your teams gain clarity and confidence in how best to use their skills to advance themselves and in turn, advance your business.

I deliver coaching, and career development training programmes, as well as interactive workshops and webinars covering topics surrounding Career Development, Career Confidence, Company Culture, Inclusion, and belonging. As well as Feel the fear and do it anyway coaching programmes and workshops.

The Coaching programmes are also tailored to support neurodiverse team members.

The quote that led totally changed my mindset...

I never lose, I either win, or learn.

Nelson Mandela

What can I help you overcome?

Not quite sure what you need? No worries, hit the button below and let's have a chat.
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