The Foundation 2.0

The Foundation 2.0 – Full Scholarship ($0)

  • This is where your journey begins. Whether you’re looking to structure your business model, clarify your coaching identity, or simply start on solid footing, the Foundation Tier equips you with everything you need to start strong. This program is perfect for those who are determined to increase their coaching income to the $3K-$5K monthly range, setting a foundation that supports long-term growth and success. Designed for new and aspiring coaches. This scholarship-based tier provides access to Monthly Business Mentoring, Roundtable Masterclass, Daily Insights, and active community support. It’s the perfect opportunity for those looking to work with a successful business mentor and coach to establish a strong foundation in their coaching business.

Application-Based Entry: We are committed to fostering a high-quality environment tailored to serious coaches only. That’s why entry to the Foundation Tier is application-based, ensuring that every member is as dedicated as you are to making real, impactful changes in their professional lives.

Secure Your Spot: Apply now to take advantage of this full scholarship opportunity. Places are limited to ensure personalized attention and a quality learning experience. Don’t just dream about a successful coaching business—make it a reality with JJ’s expert guidance and a supportive community backing you every step of the way.

$0.00 / month

Program Highlights:

– Monthly Business Mentoring: Dive deep into tailored business mentoring sessions that are rich in strategic insights. Led by JJ herself, these sessions are designed to meet you where you are and take you where you need to be.

– Community Support: Gain access to a private community of like-minded individuals, all driven by purpose and passion, just like you. It’s a place to grow, share, and learn together.

– Resource Access: Utilize an array of key resources and mini-training opportunities, all designed to solidify your coaching fundamentals and set you up for success.

– Flexible Learning: Missed a live session? No problem! Watch replays at your convenience and stay on track with your goals.


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