Why do I suck at decisionmaking?

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Habits are decisions that we have made multiple times until we are so used to it, it happens automatically.

But what happens if our decision-making sucks? … what sort of habits will we create for ourselves?

Have you ever thought about how the decisions you make every day might impact your experience of life?

Take a moment and think about where you are seeing negative patterns and cycles in your life, or areas of your life that feel stagnated or stuck because your fear of making the wrong decision means you always try to play it safe or make no decision at all.

Here’s a quick test…

  • How easy is it for you to decide what movie to watch on Netflix?
  • Would you be able to decide in 20 seconds?
  • Would you be likely to change your mind?
  • Would you have to google to find reviews first?
  • Would you be likely to forget the movie because you couldn’t decide?

? ? Hmm…If you struggle with decision-making, or if you just want to find an easier way to come to conclusion without stress or fear, this interactive MasterClass is for you!

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