The Dreaded Imposter – Navigate Imposter Syndrome with Self-Coaching

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Imposter syndrome is more than just an issue with confidence because it also throws doubt on your actual competence – meaning your tangible, physical skills, talents or gifts. It doesn’t impact you in all aspects of your life, it often is situational so it can be quite isolated in one key area of your life. It is often something faced by high achievers who reach a level of success they had not expected, or considered and when succeeding based on your hard work and effort, you push yourself harder because you worry that you don’t deserve your success and will somehow be found out. But it is based on a foundation of self-doubt.

Imposter Syndrome is arguably one of the most detrimental states that can limit progression, causing you to stuck. It has debilitating effects on your confidence too. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

This MasterClass will help you to understand more about imposter syndrome, the impact and effects, as well as give you very practical tips and ways to use self-coaching. While I do support clients with an imposter syndrome programme, in most cases, imposter syndrome can be managed through self-coaching, which is the first thing I suggest trying. Be sure to download your workbook, grab a cuppa and enjoy!

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